Now Leaving DOMSville with BC+EAA by LG (sponsored)

  1. Now Leaving DOMSville with BC+EAA by LG (sponsored)

    my apologies for taking a little while to get this up. thank you very much to LG for allowing me to try this. let me just get right into some background info.

    Age: 20
    Weight: around 193-195, and gaining
    Height: 5'11''
    Training Experience: about 2.5 years
    Current Goals: gain another 10 pounds or so, then recomp til fall 2009
    Nutrition: around 3500-4000 cals a day. give or take. schedule sometimes doesnt allow for all my meals, or im in a rush and can only grab something quick, sometimes falling short of macronutrient goals.
    Training: currently on a "powerbuilding" style routine i suppose. compound movement for 4-6 sets of 3-6 reps, followed with an isolation movement for 4-6 sets of 8-15 reps, with shorter rest periods. 4 day split. been using it for about a week, and i like it a lot. i also like it because it allows for a pre-exhaust of the secondary muscles.

    Day 1: Chest and Triceps
    Day 2: Back and Biceps
    Day 3: Shoulders and Calves
    Day 4: Legs and Abs

    On to the product. Ill be dosing it 4.5 scoops each time i workout, sipping it during my routine, and downing whatever is left at the end. so 4 of these dosages a week. the reason for 1.5 dosing is because i have had good luck thus far with higher dosing of XTEND, and since this has a higher BCAA ratio, i can go a tad lower.

    Things ill be looking for: taste, mixability, intra workout effects, post workout effects.

    i am using AN's Neovar Recomped and Osteo-Sport at the moment. the link to that log is below:
    AppNut: Neovar Recomped & Osteo-Sport

    here we go ladies and gentleman!

  2. Week 1 in Review

    i used it this past week, with my 4 normal training days, and a couple full body routines i did the week before. they were full body because i was sick, and wanted to get in the gym to do a little something.

    just for this week, ill give a week overview, but for the remainder, ill give daily updates, alongside my neovar log.

    TASTE: 10/10
    honestly i think it tastes better than any drik type supplement ive ever tried. ive always like blue raz as a flavor, and you guys nailed it! no weird after taste, no bitterness, no particles floating around after its been swallowed. just straight goodness in my mouth (no homo)

    MIXABILITY: 9/10
    better than XTEND. better than most powdered drinks. had a couple of floaters, but nothing crazy. and the powder settles a little bit at the bottom, but its not a problem at all. i think its perfect, but for the tiny little things that it doesnt accomplish, i take a point away haha

    rest between sets has been good. endurance has been good. while doing the full body sessions thanksgiving week i noticed effects similar to XTEND. able to take shorter rest periods, muscles feeling ready to go faster, etc.

    POST-WORKOUT: 10/10
    i have already noticed decreased DOMS with one week of using it. intensity has stayed about the same. and the full body sessions, which usually just wear me down to the bone, didnt feel NEARLY as hard the next day.

    *also as a disclaimer, i will most likely be comparing this to XTEND a lot, as its the only BCAA product ive used for a significant amount of time and can tell effects of.

  3. Wow, thanks for the review man! Appreciate it!

  4. yesterday (monday) i used 4.5 scoops with about 75g WMS intra workout. despite hitting pretty high weight and volume, not a lot of DOMS. my calves are kinda sore, my quads feel totally fine, and my hams are only a little sore.

    heres my leg workout.


    135 x 12
    wasnt feeing it with my back, so i moved on...

    Leg Press

    4 plates x 15
    6 plates x 12
    8 plates x 8
    10 plates x 6
    10 plates + 50 lbs x 5
    12 plates x 5
    8 plates x 8

    Leg Extensions (1-1.5 minute rest times)

    80 x 15
    115 x 12
    145 x 12
    175 x 12
    190 x 10
    205 x 8
    145 x 7
    80 x 8

    Lying Leg Curls
    80 x 12
    95 x 12
    110 x 10

    Seated Leg Extensions

    140 x 20
    200 x 12
    260 x 12
    320 x 10

    Single Leg Standing Calf Raises

    BW x 15
    BW x 12
    BW + 30lb DB x 12 x 2
    BW x 12 x 2

    this is still treating me well. i cant get over how good it tastes. and how good it mixes. i mean the recovery and endurance effects are awesome, but what good is a supplement if you hate drinking it!

    i cannot wait til i start cutting cals. this will be my drink of choice for sure. especially during the morning cardio

    tmrw im going to hit chest and tris i hope, maybe back and bis. who knows. but ill post another update tmrw.

    to the LG reps, how long is the AM50 code good for? ill have some extra money and want to buy a few tubs of this.

  5. I believe the code lasts till the end of the month

  6. Week 2 in Review

    TASTE: 10/10
    i still cant get over how tasty this is. its like candy. i used it once with 6 scoops, and about 16-18 oz of ice cold water, and it was amazing. sipped on it during a full body routine.

    MIXABILITY: 10/10
    started shaking it a bit longer, and it pretty much mixes everything. still no clumps.

    INTRA-WORKOUT: 10/10
    like i said, i tried it with 6 scoops, and it was very very effective. i was able to step up the intensity, decrease rest time, and still came out with some gas in the tank.

    POST-WORKOUT: 10/10'
    im still noticing a decrease in DOMS. after yesterdays full body, the only thing sore are my legs and calves. normally after a full body routine, im generally a little sore all over.

    all in all, still loving this product. i really hope ill have some extra money left over after all my xmas shopping is done so i can pick up like 4 tubs. far better taste over XTEND, and im finding it a little more effective than XTEND. especially with intra workout application.

  7. Awesome review man! Appreciate it! If you have a account I'd really appreciate you posting this over there as there is far less about our product there.

  8. sounds good. i have one, i just never use it, for obvious reasons.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by rolandajoint View Post
    sounds good. i have one, i just never use it, for obvious reasons.
    Cool man, I'd really appreciate it you put the review over there, I could quote your review myself there but I'd get attacked.


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