Zac's H-Drol Log

  1. Zac's H-Drol Log

    Hey everyone, I've been around the site for a while now, but I've never been much of a poster; I figured I should try to change that. Yesterday, I started my first PH cycle of CEL H-Drol. I'm definately excited.


    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 170.0
    BF%: 8.9

    Intent: Clean Bulk
    Daily Caloric Intake: 4200-4600 @ 40%p/35%c/25%f

    CEE (10g workout days, 5g rest days)
    Milk Thistle: 1200mg
    Hawthorne Berry: 1130mg
    Saw Palmetto: 500mg
    Niacin: 1000mg
    Fish Oil: 11g
    Flax Seed Oil: 3g
    MSM: 1500mg

    CEL H-Drol 25/25/50/50/50
    Dermabolics Topical ATD, 4sprays/day throughout cycle

    Nolvadex: 20/20/10/10
    Maintain supplements throughout

    Workout Schedule:

    Monday: Chest/Back ABS
    Tuesday: Arms
    Wednesday: Shoulders ABS
    Thursday: Legs
    Friday: Lower back/core ABS
    Saturday: REST
    Sunday: REST

    I recover very quickly typically; In the event that I end up doing more in the gym (and subsequently get more fatigued then usual), I'll probably make Wednesday a REST day and move things around. We'll cross that bridge if we come to it. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome; I've followed (and am following) a number of logs out there, and I've seen some good things from you guys on AM! Cheers to good results. Here we go!

  2. Start Date: Tuesday, September 30th

    Day 1:

    Today was arms day. A friend of mine was there and was doing arms as well, so I jumped in with him. Pretty standard, strong workout. I generally push through pretty well, and I added a few reps to some previous maxes, which means next week, I'll hopefully go up a bit. Finished up with barbell curl drop sets (pain) and barbell tricep extensions >>> failure/close-grip presses >>> failure (further pain). Definitely excited about the next few weeks!

    Note: Diet has been pretty on the ball for the past few weeks, so the only major change that I've made for this cycle is the addition of approximately 800 calories or so. I'm all about dairy, so this more or less amounts to an additional evening protein shake and more 1% milk. I found something awesome at the store, though: Wal-Mart has Jenny-O Pre-cooked 97% fat free Turkey Breast for a good price; I normally don't go for that sort of thing because of the crazy sodium levels, but a full 8 ounces (about 50g protein) was still below the 50% dv mark; I don't eat salt with any other meals with exception to what is in my weight gain shakes (BSN TrueMass), so this turns out to be kick ass. Shoulders tomorrow! Hell yeah.

  3. Day 2:

    Long day; had a later-in-the-evening workout than I'm used to, but that's cool; I'm thoroughly exhausted, which hopefully will translate into good sleep. Shoulders today; great workout. I'm glad I'm not working tomorrow, for sure.

    I'm going to try and get up early tomorrow morning and swing by the gym to get a Body Comp run; I meant to do that a few days before I started, but I couldn't make time for it with my way-too-f*$!ing early classes. Anyhow, we'll see what that looks like. It will be nice to get a more accurate read; the body fat% in post 1 was from a month and a half ago. I doubt it's changed much, but I'm all about more accuracy.

    Definitely a little bit of fatigue today, and I don't know if it's just me getting dumber, or if it's the ph, but I've felt *extremely* out of it today, like someone slipped some pot into my oatmeal this morning or something. Nothing significant; just something I noticed.

    Peace out until tomorrow, with some stats
  4. Body Comp Results and Legs workout

    Alright, so the results of the electronic body comp I did this morning at about 7:00 A.M. were:

    Weight: 172.0 lbs
    BF%: 10.7

    Looks like since last body comp, I've definitely put on a little bit of fat, but that's pretty much expected, as I'm eating at least 1000 calories above maintenance. I did my workout this morning before school (legs), and the whole workout went by way too fast; I didn't realize it until afterward, but I more or less barreled through the workout (in a good way lol). Normally, by body gives me between 60-120 seconds of rest (I don't count; I normally go off the feeling), but the last 10 minutes of my workout today, I realized that I rested no more than maybe 30 seconds between each exercise.

    Squats went up 10 pounds, I think mostly because I wanted to tear up the damned weights today =) I normally have good aggression in the gym, but it sure felt elevated today.

    Tomorrow is more or less everybody's least favorite workouts, but I've gotta do em' (core and rotator cuffs [lots of martial arts; injury prevention]). Hopefully this aggression will carry through!

  5. Good luck on your cycle.
    Keep that diet clean, and push yourself as hard as you can while training to get the benefits.

    I'll being checking in on your seccess.

  6. Good luck brother! I'll be watching and will help out where I can! Rip those weights apart mate!

  7. Thanks for the encouragement guys, glad to have you following!

    An update:

    This morning: 174.2

    So I didn't come back and post it, but I had so much energy Thursday that six hours after my morning leg workout, I decided to go back and hit em' again. I figured that since Friday was core, the worst that could happen would be that squats would pretty much work the hell out of my core, and I'd have to take an extra rest day.

    HELL of a second workout; I do two-a-days every once in a while, especially when it's close to the weekend rest days, but this was one of my best workouts I've had in a while.

    Whether it's placebo or not, I've noticed a difference in my lifts; my muscles seem like they added a 6th gear. Also, because I'm pretty thin, any change in body mass more than 3 or 4 pounds is pretty noticeable in the mirror; I'm seeing early results.

    Now for a question for you all:

    I recognize that it's still too early to tell with regard to dosage, but as the first post stated, my current plan is:


    My concern is that considering this is my first cycle, that a full 5 weeks might be too much. Your thoughts? I'm considering the following alternatives:




    I would go with the 75 on the final week only if the 50 doesn't cut it.

    I'm hoping to have other cycles to look forward to, so I'm not in a rush, and don't want to take more than would make sense, but at the same time, I want to get the most out of the current cycle.

    Thanks for your feedback, all! Getting ready to go eat; I'll touch base hopefully later today and for sure tomorrow.

    Funny side note: One thing I've noticed, that ties into the other comment I made about feeling dumber [this has continued] is that I was whistling in the car today, and kept falling off pitch... Like really bad. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a retarded kid. I know for damned sure that if I had walked by someone whistling like that, I would have told him to stfu. Bizarre new side effect? Hmm....

  8. Hey dude. Some tips for you.

    25mg is a waste and will do nothing. 50mg is minimum dosage.
    ATD is not needed on cycle as hdrol doesnt aromatise.
    Creatine while you are on will likely give you nasty back pumps.

    Hope this helps, good luck
  9. Day 6 Update

    Uh, guvner... Thanks for the advice, but all research I've done (and the numerous individuals on here who have completed multiple successful cycles) has said very clearly otherwise with regard at least to the aromatization and creatine comments.

    Weight: 174.2

    I wanna go hit the gym real bad today, but my body's telling me to follow the schedule. I've been feeling really good; the past few nights, I've slept REALLY well, which is very cool. I have a LOT of schoolwork to do today, so I'll probably not post again until after my workout tomorrow. Still stoked for sure.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Shorle View Post
    Uh, guvner... Thanks for the advice, but all research I've done (and the numerous individuals on here who have completed multiple successful cycles) has said very clearly otherwise with regard at least to the aromatization and creatine comments.
    No offence mate but this shows that you haven't done your research at all, but do as you will.

    That ATD is gonna kill your joints on top of the h-drol as your estrogen will be very low.

    Are you sure you have been researching the right product? It sounds to me like you have been reading about phera

  11. DAY 7

    Quick update:

    Chest and Back today -- BY FAR the best workout that I've had in at least six months. *everything* went up. I felt a bit tired going into the workout, and I was worried it was going to be a challenge to really kill the metal, but the opposite turned out to be true. As soon as I started lifting, I had **HUGE** amounts of energy. This was the first day that I know *for sure* that the chemicals are making a difference. Absolutely WOW. *crazy* pumps in shoulders and arms; not painful, just intense. I felt absolutely awesome after the workout; I could have gone back and done another hour.

    Weight was up this morning, but I'll have a firm number tomorrow (better scale).

    Diet's still on track; everything's rolling well. No major sides whatsoever yet (low dose this week and next, so I don't expect too much just yet). Hell yeah :-D

    Time to do some schoolwork. I'll post tomorrow with some gain numbers =)
  12. Day 8

    Quick update:

    Weight: 177.8 (this morning; true weight)

    So weight is definitely picking up, which is pretty awesome, as it's something that I lack severely. I haven't gone into the gym yet (Arms day today), so I'll probably post again tonight with an update in that regard. With regard to the weight as well, bear in mind that the start of the cycle, I began a fresh creatine cycle, so I'm sure some of that weight can be attributed to that. As much as I'd love to have gained 6 pounds of muscle in the first low-dose week, I'm all about realism =) but hopefully, it's a sign of good things to come.

  13. There is no need for ATD while on H-Drol. I would not use one myself. Also, I wouldn't recommend Nolvadex unless problems arise during PCT. You can easily get away with a product like PCS, iForce Reversitol, etc. H-Drol is very mild and should not need Nolva. Again though, do as you like since you have done this research but yet seem to contradict every thing i have ever read.

  14. I've had internet issues for the past while; I'm using the internet at work at the moment.

    Cycle's still going very well. I'm going to be stopping the ATD as per advise. Great workouts so far. Tomorrow is the first day of week 3, which means 50mg/day; looking forward to see how that effects things.

    If the next three weeks see the same improvement that I saw this past week, I will be *very* satisfied; considering I've been doing such a low dose up until now, I have a feeling they will at least that. Still no real sides whatsoever.

    On a negative note, I had two consecutive days (friday and saturday) that I didn't eat full calories. We've had some unfortunate family stuff going on that's meant lots of unexpected trips and all that, and I'd rather eat 3500 then do the McDonald's thing.

    Clearly, I've managed already to upset on here; I am not in any way trying to be rude to or ignore anyone, or discount their advise. I've been spending lots of time around this site and others trying to clear things up, and to be honest, it seems like on some things, there just isn't any consensus. With regard to the ATD, like I said, it's going away, and I appreciate the advise. From what everyone on the site seems to be saying, Nolva with regard to H-Drol is sort of the "overly safe" method; I'm all about overly safe. If there are reasons why it just plain shouldn't be used, that's one thing. I spent months trying to get my **** in order so that I wouldn't have forty posts worth of mid-cycle PCT changes (like I've seen in **lots** of logs here), so I'm sorry if I've seemed put off; it was just really frustrating coming across completely new info that I'd never seen before after probably 25+ hours of reading (creatine causing back pumps(?) is an example).

    Anyway, back and chest today! Hell yes =-D if I can still go into the gym and do what I did last week, that will confirm that I wasn't just possessed by some crazed pull-up monster of doom.

  15. DAY 15 UPDATE:

    Weight: 180.5 lbs

    So today is the first day of week 3; I don't know if I mentioned it previously, but due to excessive fatigue, I have restructured my workout schedule slightly, as I said I might in post 1. New schedule is as follows:

    Monday: Back/Chest
    Tuesday: Legs
    Wednesday: Rest
    Thursday: Arms
    Friday: Shoulders, core

    My legs are sore as hell; deep squats went up 15 lbs, and everything else went up a little less than that. I feel really great now; most of the fatigue that I was feeling the past two weeks has subsided, and I have yet to experience any sides. I'm definitely able to see that 10 lbs I put on, and my gym aggression has shot through the roof. Rest days are frustrating as hell; the metal addiction's increased ten-fold.

    A note for the next four days:

    Due to some ****ty family stuff, my wife and I will be driving to Mississippi (8 hour drive from here) tomorrow, and staying until Sunday evening. We're going to the armpit of America, so I know I'm going to be hard-pressed to find a gym. I will do my best to post while I'm there; my primary concern is going to be keeping my diet on the ball; 8 hour car rides don't really facilitate good eating; the upside is that my grandparents own a Lebanese restaurant there, so I'll have some awesome healthy food to assist upon arrival.

    I'll post again soon. Peace!
  16. Update: Day 26

    So I'm back from Mississippi; glad that's over with. My wife would probably tell you not to marry into a Lebanese family; I'd agree with her.

    Weight: 184.5

    So everything's been going great with regard to the cycle; still no sides; I mentioned that it would be difficult for me to find a gym in the tiny town I went to in Mississippi; it was. Last week I had a great Monday (back and chest) and Tuesday (Legs), but was completely unable to do arms and shoulders; I did core work, but it was mostly unweighted; the one day I could have made it to the gym (Saturday), it was closed; apparently, in Clarksdale MS, people only go to the gym on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays... wtf.

    This week has been excellent; still trucking along, going up most workouts. I feel like I've lost some body fat; it's hard to tell, but I look leaner. Abs are beginning to show through, but only just; I'm guessing I'm at just under 10%. I'll run a body comp at the beginning of PCT and at the end. I'm still eating full calories (4000+), and the diet has been spot on; I slipped twice this past weekend (in Mississippi): On the way TO Mississippi, I only managed about 2800 Cal; I was starving all day, but that's driving for you; also, Saturday, I ate at a post-funeral reception, and there was ZERO meat that wasn't fried... Go figure. So I didn't eat as clean as I would have liked to that day. Otherwise, good.

    Due to the fact that I have had no sides and that I do not want to waste product, I am going to adjust the final week from 7 days of 50mg (which would leave 4 capsules left over) to 6 days of 75mg (which would use all of them up).

    On a side note, I have noticed *zero* decrease in libido still; pretty cool.

    Saturday and Sunday, much needed rest. I'm looking forward to the final on-cycle week starting this coming Tuesday!

  17. Hey man good to hear you're having such a good run on h-drol, hope mine goes as smoothly

  18. Good run so far. I was surprised to see you felt results off 25mg, never seen anyone start below 50, personally I want to run 50/50/75/75/75 and get MAD gains but seeing someone more conservative still get results is good

    What kind of strength increases have you seen, start and end #s on bench/squat etc?


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