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    [ame=""]YouTube - Shred-Matrix Video Log[/ame]


    Age: 21
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 208
    Body Fat: Estimate at 12%
    Years Training: 5 loosely. On and off serious.
    Sign: Virgo
    Cup Size: 46B
    Favorite Dates: Walks around lake at sunset followed by acoustic guitars and nutmeg spread on flat bread.

    4 day total body split (each part listed= 4 sets)
    1) Chest, Back, Shoulders, Chest
    2) Back, Chest, Shoulders, Back
    3) Shoulders, Back, Chest, Shoulders
    4) Legs, Shoulders, Back, Chest

    Off days: Four counts of 5 minute high intensity intervals over 25 minutes utilizing curls, over head extensions, weighted lunges, decline crunches, scissor kicks, pushups, front raises, weighted stepups, sprints, bodybuilders, monkey ****ers, etc.

    Anabolic diet with 48 hour carb up every 5 days.
    2400 calories, 200g protein, 180g fat, *<20g carbs

    1 or 2 packets per day. Will be taken before breakfast and or before workout.

    Will be noting:
    1) Appetite Suppression
    2) Muscle Loss or Gain
    3) Energy/Jitters
    4) Strength Gain or Loss
    5) Side effects
    6) FAT LOSS!


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  2. [ame=""]YouTube - Update[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Day 6+7[/ame]

    * Meant to say hydroxycut instead of hot rox near the end
    * Said "garbage isn't a good thing", meant to say "garbage isn't a bad thing"

    Day 4 and 5

    Day 4:
    Had a good day today, finally got some sleep the night before. Dosing was at about 9 and 2. Stomach problems gone and no other side effects have been noticed. Blood pressure seems level although I haven't actually checked (I'll be grabbing my thingamabob tomorrow at my apt.). Had a chest workout on this day also; strength was GREAT. Definitely didn't expect my strength to go up while taking this, especially considering how many calories I am eating. Again, like always, I had to force myself to stop working out as the energy was seemingly never ending. Pumps were also great, not sure if shred-matrix had anything to do with it, but it should be noted. This stuff also seems to have a feel good characteristic. Probably that 5htp.

    Day 5:
    Had a busy day today; busy but good. Dosing was at 1030 and 4. No stomach problems/sides. Appetite suppression as I've said before, is unbelievable. I've literally probably eaten 1000 calories today. I know that is bad and I would have eaten my normal 2400, but I was busy/distracted and I never really noticed because I wasn't hungry at all. The second meal I ate, which was small, I had to force feed myself like a ****ing toddler. I popped some painpills (hands) and did 3 full buckets at the range. Man my swing is ****ed up. Anyways, came back and did hella yard work. Lots of energy the whole day. I am really, really impressed with this stuff. My only complaint, and it shouldn't even be a complaint, is that appetite suppression is almost too good. I drank BCAAs all day because I knew I wouldn't get enough calories. Just gotta make myself stick with my diet. When most people break their diets it is because of over eating. On shred-matrix, if you break your diet, it will be because of under eating. 9.8/10 overall so far.

    Tomorrow I'm not sure what I'll be doing. I volunteer at my local Veterans Affairs hospital every Friday for 5 hours so we'll see. I'll make time for a video, though, so long as I can find my charger.

    Day 3? I donno, it's hard to keep track
    [ame=""]YouTube - Day 3[/ame]

    Day 1:
    [ame=""]YouTube - day 1[/ame]

    Delivery Day:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Delivery![/ame]
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  3. Before pics of yours truly
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  5. Reserved...................... ..............

  6. ok... U got me tunned in. Cant wait to see your log...

  7. all that jibba jabba and i dint see any posing...

    And....i was laughing. Creative for sure.


    PS-Im the first ASSAULT tester...well, one of them i think...maybe the first.

  8. Awesome Rugger!
    Muscle Pharm Rep

  9. Holy sh*t! Funniest video I've ever seen in my LIFE! Rock on Rugger1! Hahahahaha!
    Freedom means nothing here.

  10. Hilarious, cant wait to see the log

  11. haha subbed.

  12. subbed bro

  13. Can't wait guys. Should be here any day! Got a wedding tomorrow though, might take we a few days to recover.

  14. everything...forever.

    Subbed bro, this is going to be great.
    "I am legally blind and if I can Squat,deadlift and over all get myself to the gym then anyone can get their a$$ in gear and get strong!!" - malleus25

  15. Quote Originally Posted by futurepilot View Post

    You just don't get me.

  16. dude rugger! freaking props man. thats great. now you just need to video you at the gym lifting dressed like that. looking forward to it man. im on a long bulk, but i may throw in some fat burners while bulking to keep lean. good luck homie!

  17. Thanks chief!

  18. HAHAHAHA! I am sooooo in, bro!


  19. Hopefully I'll find a prize when i get home from school tomorrow

  20. I'm gonna pull soooo much more ass after this SHRED-MATRIX!!!! Should be here any day now~

    Oooh Ooooooooh!!!!

  21. hyper much?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by TexasLifter89 View Post
    hyper much?
    No, just drunk playa

  23. YouTube - Delivery!

    Side note: Just took some arctic blue raspberry Assault. WOW. 10/10 on taste. Will report more on effects once I return from the gym. I'm pretty beat just getting back from 18 holes so we'll see how she stacks up!


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