Bold/Prostanozol cycle w/SD pulse

  1. Bold/Prostanozol cycle w/SD pulse

    Hi all. The last few weeks i have been pondering running a BOLD/Prostanozol cycle with a hint of superdrol. (Superdrol pulsed throughout). Just was wondering if everything looks right

    So far I am thinking of doing it like this

    Week 1-2: 400mg Bold/10 mg SD(pulsed)
    Week 3-4: 400mg Bold (possibly 600 depending on feel)/10 mg SD
    Week 5:600mg Bold/10mg SD (pulsed)/150mg zol
    Week 6: 600mg Bold/10mg SD (pulsed)/200mg zol
    Week 7: 800mg Bold/10mg SD (pulsed)/200mg zol
    Week 8: 800mg Bold/10mg SD (pulsed)/250 mg zol


    Week 1: Nolva 40mg
    Week 2: Nolva 40mg/Hyperdrol X2 4caps
    Week 3: Nolva 20mg/Hyperdrol X2 4caps/Lean Xtreme 3 caps
    Week 4: Nolva 20mg/Hyperdrol X2 3caps/Lean Xtreme 3 caps
    Week 5: Hyperdrol X2 2caps/Lean Xtreme 3caps
    Week 6:Lean Xtreme 3 caps

    I have run a 12 week pulse of superdrol and my first real run of superdrol was interrupted by me getting sick this winter.

    STATS: 6 foot 2 inches, 210pounds, 14% b/f

    Any Advice?

  2. i like the idea of the SD pulse. how was your 12 week SD pulse?

  3. It went very well...gained quiet a bit of strength...sadly life happens and i got sick and couldnt work out for a while so now im back to 210ish instead of 230, but im quite a bit leaner with bigger arms and similar leg measurements.

    Really? No thoughts?

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