New cycle idea

  1. New cycle idea

    ok well Ive always wanted to try 3-alpha in a transdemal.. well anyway im thinking of trying a stack like this 4g of 3-alpha and 10g of 4-ad.. then add methy-1t at 20mg ed..  and run this for about 6 weeks.. well anyway if you have any thoughts let me know if not when i get all the stuff ill keep a log

  2. Sounds like a hairline and prostate disaster in the works... I could be wrong though.

    I AM curious how well the 3alpha works though.

  3. well iam already bald so the hair thing is no problem for me and for prostate id take saw and some other stuff shouldnt be a problem.. i havent read anyone really having any prostate big issue's on 3-alpha..

  4. 3beta in a transdermal works jsut as good as the 3alpha and it is cheaper. I did a cycle of 1test 10grams in one bottle with 5grams of 1,4ad...and 10grams of 3beta in another bottle with 5grams of 1,4ad in that one too. I used two squirts from each bottle 2x a day...but i think it would have been good at 1- 1 1/2 squirts from each bottle 2x a day.

  5. hmm sounds good.. i was thiking of using 3-beta.. mainly cause 1fast only  sells 3-alpha by the 10 gram.. well with the 3-beta i amy add a little more that 4 grams to the mix.. well ill see

  6. yea...i would go with maybe 6 grams....that should be could go with more if you ant to loose some of the other ingrediants. 3beta is dirt cheap.


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