Spread out Epi dosing on time awake or 24 hrs

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    Spread out Epi dosing on time awake or 24 hrs


    So im on Week 2 of Epistane. Ive ramped up to 30mg. Im wondering, should i be spreading my dosage over a 24 hour period or just the time that i am awake? If i take it to close to bed i cant really sleep.

    Right now im dosing 30mg a day

    7:15 10mg
    11:15 10Mg
    12:00 Workout
    5:00 pm 10mg

    Is this fine or should i spread them out more

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    I'd try to move that last dosage as late as possible without effecting your sleep. If thats 5pm than ok, 6 or 7 would be even better.

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