havoc pulse cycle?

  1. havoc pulse cycle?

    This is my first cycle I want to pulse Havoc for 6 weeks?
    And what size dose should I do?
    What supps do I need other than?

    AI Cycle Support
    formadrol (already have so)
    milk thistle

  2. imo you shouldn't be doing steroids at 155 pounds. Get everything else in order first.

  3. what do you mean??

  4. I hear what you're saying Rugger but at 5'5" and 155 this guy could be pretty well built...

    one of my good buddies is 5'6" and 155 and he's built like a tank!


    I'm guessing, but at your weight you shouldn't have to go too high; I'd start your first week at 10/20/30 and I'd keep it at 30 through your cycle.

    what are your plans for PCT?

    also, you shouldn't need the milk thistle in addition to the cycle support.

    I'd also get some bulk taurine and dose it at 5-8mg/day if you start to get back pumps.

  5. he means, get your diet together and training.

    you can still make plenty more gains naturally.

  6. Oh I didn't realize the 5'5. My bad


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