Input on CEL mdrol cycle

  1. Input on CEL mdrol cycle

    Im not new to the supplement industry but I however am relatively new to PHs. A few months back I my first cycle (testanate-50 and magnadrol) and got some decent gains but i recently decided to do a second cycle with CEL mdrol within the next week or so. And just wondering if anyone had any input on any other supplements to avoid gyno, excessive liver toxicity, etc. and what doseage so should I be looking at at my weight...6'2'' 235lbs

    Already stocked up on:

    -saw palmetto
    -milk thistle
    -and a **** ton of weight gainer

    Any feedback is appreciated, thanks

  2. Looking good.Get some fish oil and niacin for lipids.Not the flush free niacin.I have been getting great results with 10mg's m drol for the past 10 days.I have seen others bigger than me do the same and get good results too.So you def wont need more than 20.I would plan on staying at 10,and go up only if needed.

    I'm 5'8" at 179.I started at 171 10 days ago.My arms,legs,and calves are up a 1/4"

  3. Ok Ill start there...what about pct? I was thinking retain 2, inhibit-e, and keeping on the nolva?

  4. I did a Superdrol cycle last summer, running it 10mg/ED for the first week, and 20mg/ED for the second and third weeks. Whatever you do, don't up the dosing to 30mg/ED at any point (more harm than good).

    Support supplements are optional, but will help a little. I was supporting with a multi-vitamin, fish oil, NAC, ALA, milk thistle, hawthorn, RYR, CoQ10.

    PCT was nolvadex over the course of four weeks at doses of 40/40/20/20 for each week respectivly. Took my doses all at once before bedtime.

    Had a great cycle. Strength gains went up noticeably on my bigger compound lifts (ex. bench went up a good 15-20lbs, squat went up a little over 30lbs). Gained and kept about 8-9lbs.

    Just remember to eat like crazy!! I wouldn't even worry about putting on a little extra fat, so eat until you can't eat anymore!! Just remember to eat clean foods, and get as much protein and carbs as you can!!

    Good luck

  5. Next time look into cycle support.It has many support supps in it.$40 for a month supply.



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