Reverse Homebrew?

  1. Reverse Homebrew?

    I brewed 200ml with 50g of test e and this **** is killing me with redness swelling and heat at the inj. site not to mention extreme tightness and pain. My stupidity doing the full 50g. Is there anyway to pull the 50g out of solution? Any help would be appreciated.

  2. What might be easier is to just dilute with more oil. I would start by adding a 1/2ml of oil to your syringe after you draw up your solution. Let it mix in the syringe then take your shot. Pain still persists take it up to 3/4mL then 1mL you get the idea. This should dilute the ba/bb content and help.

  3. Done that

    I tried that. I have a thread running on in the home chem section explaining the whole thing as some of the best brew forum site like vip and evolvedchem aren't up anymore it's hard to find good advice. I diluted it with 1ml of the test batch with 1ml of cottonseed oil still painful. I kept my test in a storage bottle and it had melted so instead of just doing a 12.5g batch or even a 25g batch in 100ml I just decided to do a 50g batch and disolved and rinse it all out using bb. I used 2/20 method with grapeseed oil. The grapeseed oil and bb came from lemelange. Well I did another 2.5g/10ml batch last night using the ba, and cottonseed oil from researchlabsupply and just the bb from lemelange to see what i got as to run a control as I was thinking it was either the bb or grapeseed oil that was doing it. Shot that one at 1ml last night in glute no pain. So I don't know if it was the grapeseed oil. thinking of shooting the grape oil by itself to just see what happens.
    After I had made the first 200ml batch I shot 1ml of it with 2ml of an old batch of test e at the same 250mg/ml. Shot it in my left thigh. After about 16 hours I got pain and swelling. I didn't really mix the two up in the rig so I decided to just shoot 1ml by itself in the right thigh the next day. Pain and swelling set in even faster at like 6 hours. Then I decided to cut it 1/1 with cottonseed oil. Drew 1ml of the batch and 1ml plain cottonseed mixed thoroughly in rig and shot in right bi. I proceeded to heat the bottle vented in the oven for 20min then let cool did the same 1/1 and shot in left bi. Both bi's were swollen and red as **** no less hurting all day yesterday. Looking like a mini valentino arm(haha). I'm at a loss on what to do as 50g is alot and dont' want to waste any. Is there any way to pull the test e out that you know of. Or could you direct me in the right directiion. Thanks.

  4. Not sure off the top of my head. Essentially what your shooting for is the test e to crash. Problem is test e being pretty much a liquid at room temp it's going to be damn tough without equipment.

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