Girlfriend wants to use 1,4

  1. Girlfriend wants to use 1,4

    Hey everyone

    I train with my girlfriend for the past 2 years. She has made some nice gains just using 5x5 principles but lately she has been wanting to take 1,4 (which I happen to have a bottle of which she has seen and discussed with some girls at Golds)

    Personally I dont like the idea and am telling her that there are some good risks. She is also afraid of missing out on her period for say 2 months and Ive been pleading with her that with this stuff that it most likely may occur.

    I dont even know the dosages on where to start (Maybe 200mg/day) but if she wants to do what she wants, that is her choice. She will get a bit more muscle and may lean up a bit but I do love the way she looks now. No need to experiment when it is not needed.

    Am I being paranoid about this or what?

  2. bro she can likely make good gains on a test booster or a small dosed AI, along with a healthy increase in labido

  3. She would probably get gains on just a low dose cycle, i dont think you should worry that much bro, just tell her to use smaller doses.

  4. small doses of primo or var should treat her well......other than that I agree with bigschmidt, and even better, intensify the training and clean up the diet...I see no reason to really use anabolics in her situations of her gaols are naturally attainable.

  5. switch that 1,4 with some other stuff (e.g. Horny Goat weed) and placebo the sh*t out of her .



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