Best Cycle for 6-Oxo

  1. Best Cycle for 6-Oxo

    My buddy just gave me two bottles of 6-oxo for what reason I have no clue. But I was wondering if there is a perferable dosage for taking it, or to cycle it. Any help would be great!


  2. 6oxo taken for post cycle recovery. For fluid transition from the use of androgens/ph/aas/etc, i feel its best to start the dosage 2-3 days of the end of your actual cycle.
    keep dosage constant, 600mg (6 pills) a day. At this optimal dosage, one bottle will last 10days, two lasting nearly 3 weeks. Good amount to get your test back.

  3. I was told it should be taken while taking PH. Is this true?

  4. It should be taken AFTER use of PHs.
    William Llewellyn's Anabolics, Underground Anabolics, and SSRG ebook editions!

  5. there's other anti's that are more effective and logical to keep sides such as bloat and gyno at bay. we talking about nolvadex, liquidex (anastrazole), arimidex. I would stick 6oxo strictly for post cycle use K?n. Jweave tried it a while back @ 600mg/day while on nothing or recovering from nothing, and had nothing good to say. Post

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