any experience with omnevol?

  1. any experience with omnevol?

    ive only seen posts by people who have "heard" this and that about omnevol. has anyone here actually used it? and how did it go?

  2. I'm in the same boat as you id like some first hand stories. My friend gave me a box of it and I thought it would be good, then I researched it and it seems like a total body killer, so needless to say its sitting here and going to be for a while.

  3. I bought a box today and am thinking of throwing it in the trash. I have been reading other posts and it seems that it is the same as SUSTEVOL. Seems like it can do a major trash job on your liver. After reading I have decided to wait before I take anymore. I took two and then did the research. Last time I do something like that.

  4. Good idea. OmnEVOL has 3 methyls which isnt a good thing. Evolution labs does make a tamer version which is dianEVOL and that only has one methyl. You really do need PCT if you take it though.

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