Can someone comment on this?

  1. Can someone comment on this?

    Methy 1-Test?

    I have no intentions in taking this but a buddy of mine is and he is trying to tell me it is methyl 1-Test. I say it is trying to make you think that but it isn't, but I don't have the chemistry background to be conclusive. Can anyone help me?

  2. Doesnt sound like methyl 1-test maybe test-oh or something else, the people who wrote their sales pitch dont sound like they understand the chemistry behind it very well so Id say.....crap but thats just my opinion

  3. Looks odd to me. Later J

  4. Methyl-1-test isn't the newest thing, trust me..

    There was speculation about someone coming out with this product awhile ago, sounds like if infact this is quality 1-test with a C17AA, it'll be a good product, albeit abit rough on the liver..

  5. but if you read the info they give it doesnt sound like methylated 1-test it sounds like a mixture od crappy ingredients, they call it a proprietary blend which is never a good sign

  6. Look at the product is 1-AD.


  7. good call chemo

  8. Just sit back and wait until its released somewhere by someone hopefully soon. Well thats what chemo said. It will be comming out.. Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. TTY
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  9. umm, isnt 300mg of methylated 1test a tad much heheh

  10.'s not methyl 1-test.


  11. Jar,
    I love your sig. graphic. Its funny as hell but at the same time stupid. Good for a laugh. Well done.


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