Cycle advise

  1. Cycle advise

    planning 1st cycle appreciate any advise.
    i'm 26yr old lifting for 3yrs
    5'9" 235lbs a little extra baggage(not much)not sure on my bmi. Interested in making lean gains without adding to my baggage. Any advise.

  2. How long have you been researching AS?

  3. Ive been really digging into it 4 the past 6 mnths or so and i've finally decided to see if it can help me reach that next level of size and strength.

  4. For a first cycle, run test-e 500mg per week for 10 weeks split into 2 doses. 250 ön Monday and 250 ön Thursday. What are you planning ön for PCT?

  5. test e at 500mg a week split into two shots a week or this is not recomended as much cause of more frequent injections. but test prop at 100mg eod that will give you leaner gains and cut u up a bit

  6. thanks 4 the info. I was thinking maybe front loading weeks 1-4 with dbol but like i said trying to make lean gains what do u think?
    post- i've been told go with clomid

  7. if you go with test e i would use dbol to kick start gains if you use prop you wont have to it kicks in in three days..


  8. If this is your first experience with anabolics, just stick with one compound. If you have never ran before, you'll make great gains ön just test, plus dbol will give you some water weight. When it comes to not adding to your baggage, your diet will have more to do with that than the test.


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