1. Bolden/winny

    Just got a quick question a friend is doing a boldenone/winny cycle. He has enoughtwinny for 6 weeks and bold for nine. Would it be best to use the winny last six weeks or first six weeks. Also was wondering how much this would you down. Clomid is needed right. Late J

  2. last 6 weeks but I would seriously consider having some test in there.. but that is just me

  3. Matt D I agree with you but he doesn't want to get big he's a pro pitcher and just want to get cut and hard. Also do you know how much this will shut you down as far as natur test production. Asking so I know what to suggest as far as post cycle.

  4. I would say just a normal end of cycle with your chose of clomid or nolvadex would be good enough. Both or those are a low to non aromatization.

  5. That's what I figured thanks for the help bro. Late J

  6. Since he is only using EQ, he should take at least 600mg weekly. Use the winny the last 6 weeks at 50mg ed. EQ takes about 5 weeks to really kick in. anyway, i would not expect to much fromhat cycle.

    I would use post cycle meds.

  7. Size my boy doesn't he just wants to get hard and cut up. Being a pitcher he does not want size.

  8. Hard and cut up are a function of bodyfat levels, NOT steroids. As is size. Your bro could use test and get hard and cut. Diet controls the results, not the steroid used.

  9. Wardog I hear ya on that but talking to him is like talking to a wall. I mentioned test to him and he immediatly said no. When he thinks of test he thinks of size and he is very deadset on not bulking up. I'm gonna have to talk to him tomorrow about it and make him read some posts. Maybe he'll believe it if he reads it. God knows he won't listen to me. Late Fellas J

  10. a low dose of test added to the above suggestions would really be nice. as stated, getting cut is diet and cardio above all else.


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