Nabisco's Pure Unadulterated Superdrol Log

  1. Nabisco's Pure Unadulterated Superdrol Log

    Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Nabisco's next step in evolution. I've been lifting seriously for over 5 years going from a scrawny 135lbs when I left high school to 190lbs at my peak. I've just finished a long recomp/cutting cycle which was much needed and am beginning a lean bulk cycle with the help of the all important AX Superdrol. I will provide all my current stats attempt to keep you updated on a daily basis on every workout so that you can follow the next step in Nabisco progression.

    I have just finished my two weeks of nothing but Cycle Support to bring my body to the right point. Im going to run a fairly short 3 week Superdrol cycle dosing 10mg for the first four days, then running 20mg for the remainder of the three week cycle. A little background, Im 5'11 and 23 years old. As I stated above I was a swimmer in high school and weighed 135lbs dripping wet. When I reached college I started lifting with some friends until I reach about 180lbs by the end of my junior year. During my senior year I ran a cycle of AX PheraPlex and that brought me to my peak of 190lbs. However, due to a lack of education and unforseen life circumstances my post cycle was just shy of terrible. I spent the last year recomping my body after the bad post-cycle and now a years more study of anabolics under my belt.

    Current Stats:

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 175-180

    I eat a total of 6, sometimes 7 meals a day, eating a macro of 40/40/20 for a total of 3200-3500 calories during my recomp. This number will increase closer to 4000 calories/day during the superdrol cycle. The first two weeks of the SD cycle will be the last of my previous 6 weeks of strength training and during the third week I will be phasing into my high volume, lower weight regiment which will continue on through post cycle.

    Here is the breakdown of the cycle.: (As I stated before I've just finished two weeks prep with nothing but cycle support and multivitamins. I will continue to run cycle support and multi's through the entire run.)

    Week 1: 10mg AX SD (1st 4 days), 20mg AX SD (remaining 3 days)
    Week 2-3: 20mg AX SD (10 in morning, 10 pre-workout)
    Week 4: 30mg Nolva, 3x AX Retain, 200mg DHEA
    Week 5: 20mg Nolva, 3x AX Retain, 100mg DHEA, 25mg AX Rebound XT, 3x PowerFull
    Week 6: 10mg Nolva, 3x AX Retain, 50mg AX Rebound XT, 6x PowerFull
    Week 7: 3x AX Retain, 75mg AX Rebound XT, 6x PowerFull
    Week 8: Cycle support and perhaps a phase out of Rebound XT and Retain over the 7 day week.

    Week 1-8: Cycle Support, AST Multi-Vitamin 2x daily, Flax Seed Oil, Fish Oil

    The Superdrol will always be taken with 3g of either Flax Seed or Fish Oil. I also have an abundance of Taurine on hand for annoying back pumps. I saw no side effects from AX PP so I forsee minimal side effects with AX SD even though I know the side effects are always a concern when discussing and using Superdrol.

    As for pictures, I don't currently have a digital camera but I have a new picture phone on order and will try to get some pictures up in the first week so you can hopefully see some progression and so you will also be able to critique and help me find my week areas. I will also have measurements up hopefully tomorrow so that we can follow the growth of various muscles groups. As for nutrition, I am spot on most of the time and will try to post as much of each days meals as possible, but with 6 meals a day that might get too long. We'll have to see. Lastly I will be sure to include the breakdown of every workout I have during the upcoming weeks.

    Any comments that you have please feel free to post, as I'm open to just about any advice other than "You're too small to be doing a cycle of anabolics", which I'm sure I'll get anyways. For the rest of you, once I've gotten some pics and posted those feel free to toss out input, as other people can sometimes see what we ourselves miss, although I like to think Im my own worst critic.

    The first dose of Superdrol was taken today April 8th. Let the party begin.

  2. Day 2: Today was a holiday from work since yesterday was easter, so I was able to get 18 holes of golf in this morning after a large breakfast of 9 egg whites and a bowl of Kashi Go Lean Cereal with SD and 4 grams of flax seed oil.

    The game of golf took a little longer than planned so all I could grab for lunch was three small turkey sandwiches from the clubhouse. Midafternoon was a whole baked chicken breast, 1.5 cups of rice and 1.5 cups of broccoli. A bowl of oatmeal an hour before my lift consisted of my fourth meal.

    As for the lift today, Monday is chest day along with the rest of the known world. Nothing special, it was a good lift, but nothing past what I've been able to do before. Not a surprise as I think it will take until the end of this week before I start to notice any changes. Let me break down the workout for you.

    10 minutes warmup cardio on an elliptical machine (in an attempt to avoid shin splints from SD)

    Incline Barbell Bench Press: 3 sets of 5 reps.
    5x155, 5x175, 5x185

    Weighted Dips: 3 sets of 5 reps
    5x45, 5x55, 5x55

    Dumbbell Bench Press: 3 sets of 5 reps.
    5x75, 5x80, 5x85

    Superset: Incline pushups and Incline DB Flys
    35 pushups followed by 15x35 for flys
    25 pushups followed by 12x35

    Another 10 minutes low intensity cardio on a seated bike.

    Like I said, Nothing special today, incline BB was a little low but my shoulder started acting up and no matter how many times and how long I stretched it, it just wouldn't loosen up. I just pushed through it on the db bench and will surely pay tomorrow.

    As for the rest of the diet, Followed the workout with a banana and two scoops ON whey protein. Dinner will consist of salmon, rice, and green beans and then just before bed either Muscle Milk pudding or some FF cottage cheese with splenda and cinnamon.

  3. Yesterday (Day 3): A busy day at work which meant a fairly short workout afterwards. I'm not going to continuously post each meal, due to the fact that it doesn't change much. Point is its on cue, and I use a form of the 3 day on 1 day off diet. 3 days are perfect diet, then the off day I just eat whatever I want for one meal, otherwise still good diet.

    Took my 10mg of SD after breakfast with 3 grams fish oil. Today's workout was back.

    Warmup with 10 minutes of low intensity cardio on an elliptical then a good 10-15 minutes of stretching as heavy lifting during cycles makes me tighten up more than usual.

    Body Weight: 177

    Started off with weighted pullups 3sets of 5 reps with a 45 pound weight
    5x45, 5x45, 5x45

    Followed with 3 sets of seated rows
    5x190, 5x200, 5x210

    3 sets of bent over rows
    12x155, 10x175

    2 sets of lat pulldowns to failure
    18x140, 13x160

    I didn't get a chance to do any deads this week, although I fully intend to next week.

    Lastly I did two rounds of an ab circuit (superset)
    Cable crunches x 20
    Hanging Knee Raises x 20
    Knee-Ins x 20

    After today's dose of 10mg, Starting thursday the dose increases to 20mg so I should see strength and size gains increase by the end of the week.

  4. Subscribed, I plan on running SuperD in The end of may beginning of june.

  5. Day 4 (Yesterday): My off day of lifting. And my last day of 10mg dosing of SD. Diet was on point again, I'll list what I ate yesterday in sequence.

    Breakfast (7am): 9 egg whites, 1.5 cups of Kashi Go Lean cereal, 12 oz glass of milk w/ scoop of ON Casein protein, 3 grams fish oil, 10mg SD

    Mid-morning (10am): 1 Medium size Chicken breast, 1 cup carrots, 1 cup brown rice, 1 apple

    Lunch (12:30pm): 2 cups Lean sirloin steak strips sauteed with onions and mushrooms in EVOO that I made last night. Over 2 cups of couscous.

    Mid-afternoon (3:30pm): Large shake (2 scoops whey, 1 cup oats)

    No workout today

    Dinner (6:30pm): Large green salad w/tomatoes and 2 medium chicken breasts

    Final meal (9:30pm): 1 cup FF cottage cheese, 1 muscle milk pudding.

    I should have the new phone either today or tomorrow so I can post some pics. Still not feeling the sense of strength and well being I had while I was on AX's PP a year ago when I did that cycle. However, today I up the dosage to 20 mg and hopefully my body starts to respond by the end of this week.

    Today is arm day, and hopefully I'll get a chance to post the workout later tonight.

  6. Subscribed, good luck.

  7. Day 5: First day of 20mg superdrol dose and workout is Arm day. Diet was on tee like always. Here goes the workout.

    Body Weight:179.5 Up 2 lbs from tuesday but it may just be bouncing around. Tomorrow will tell for sure.

    10 Minutes of stretching to warmup

    Standing Barbell Curls:
    5x95, 5x100, 5x105 (100+ is a personal best)

    Incline Dumbbell Curls:
    5x30, 5x35, 5x40

    Dumbbell Conc. Curls:
    5x30, 5x35, 5x35

    Weighted Dips
    5x35, 5x45, 5x55

    Skull Crushers
    5x85, 5x90, 5x95

    12x150, 12x150 (the pulldown machine at my gym is crap, 150 is its max weight and its like a triple pulley system so its not that heavy at all.

    Ab Circuit (Superset)

    Rope Crunches
    15x75, 15x90 (same machine as pulldowns...Im working on getting them to get a REAL pulldown machine)

    Hanging Knee Raises (2 sets of 15 real slow and controlled)

    Another 5 minutes of stretching and I was out. I felt great, strength was there...not through the roof, but definitely improved. (On a side note, I responded real well to PP, so I figured AX SD would be similar response wise). Overall so far, no sides other than maybe a little lethargy and small strength and weight gain. Next week will tell the true tale. Tomorrow is Leg day, and Im looking forward to some killer squats. Stay tuned.

  8. Just a suggestion, usually its best to stretch post workout, because stretching preworkout will impair your muscles ability to contract as hard as with just warming up with light sets.

  9. Thanks for the advice, I'll try that out today when I hit the gym for legs.

  10. Day 6: Second day at the 20mg dose. I realized why my weight was so high yesterday at the gym...I was wearing long fairly heavy workout pants as opposed to shorts. Today I weighed in at a more reasonable 178.5 which is still about 1.5 lbs heavier than the beginning of the week.

    Leg day today, always a favorite of mine and I threw in a few light shoulder exercises, I have a slight strain in my right shoulder from heavy inclines on chest day.

    Squats: 1 warmup set, 2 weight acclimation sets

    5x225, 5x235, 4x250

    Leg Curls: (this exercise is one Im lacking in)

    5x100, 5x110, 5x120

    Leg Extensions:

    5x160, 5x170, 5x170

    Standing Calf Raises:

    8x200, 5x230, 5x260

    Standing Lat Raises Superset w/ Seated bent over Lat Raises
    (Like I said, light shoulders due to small strain)

    5x15 - 5x15, 5x20 - 5x20, 5x25 - 5x25

    Dumbbell Shoulder Press

    5x55, 4x55 (struggled on these because my shoulder was giving me ****, so I gave up and will just let it heal this weekend)

    There you have it, I'm off to a solid meal of green beans, chicken, and sweet potato. I have a feeling next week is going to be sweet.

  11. nice, ill be watching this, keep up the good work

  12. A quick question for those with a little bit more experience in the capping area than myself. I have a capping kit and some nolva powder. But to cap 10mg of nolva powder is difficult since thats not a lot of powder. Should I mix it with an inert like glucose or something to get enough to fit in a cap?

  13. You should use a scale for that small of a dose.

  14. I have a small scale but it only measures down to tenths as opposed to thousandths.

  15. Day 9: Ate on tee today, missed my 6pm meal and had to take a quick weight gainer shake at 7pm right before workout because I was out house hunting.

    Body Weight: 182 Started at ~176lbs so up 5-6lbs in 9 days.

    As for the workout was crap. I felt weak as a newborn for some unknown reason and couldn't even put up what I normally do. In grand total I felt like absolute sloppy crap during the workout. This was crazy.


    Bench Press: Two warm up sets.
    15x155, 10x175, 6x185

    Incline DB Press:
    8x60, 6x65, 5x65

    Standing Cable Flys:
    12x60, 10x60, 8x65


    A total of 50 reps, around 6-7 sets until I could get all 50

    Bent over Rows:
    12x135, 8x135, 6x155

    10x185, 8x225, 7x225


    Crunches: 5 Sets of 25 reps.

    Once again, felt weak as **** and I pissed. In fact Im so pissed Im going back to the gym at 5am tomorrow to blast a workout before I head to work.

    Nabisco out.

  16. Day 10: I went to the gym early this morning at 5:30 am before work due to an engagement that I have this evening. And here is the kicker...I weighed in at a measely 176. Thats 6lbs lighter than I weighed in at last night. Same scale. Same amount of clothes. I had a cup of oats and 2 scoops of whey before the workout this morning...How in the **** did my weight drop that much in 8 hours? On another note, I'm eating 4000+ calories a day by and have yet to experience any large increases in weight or strength and Im running 20mg, which should be a decent dose for my bodyweight.

    Workout this morning was shoulders and upper arms:

    Clean and Press::clean:
    15x115, 12x135, 10x135

    DB Lat Raises:
    15x25, 12x30, 8x35

    Upright rows: (using easy bar)
    10x85, 6x100, 4x105

    Heavy Press:
    6x115, 4x135, 2x155

    Standing BB curls:
    12x85, 8x95, 6x95

    Seated DB Curls:
    20x20, 15x25, 15x25

    Superset Skull Crushers w/ pullovers w/close grip press
    30x45, 30x55

    Thats all I got in before I had to run home, shower, and get to work. As I mentioned before, I've run PP before and I saw much more noticable size and strength gains on 20mg at this point. I was expecting more from the Sdrol, but I'll give it until the end of day 14. If I haven't gotten good results I might up dosage to 30mg/d.

    Any suggestions? Or any ideas as to why my last two lifts have sucked ass? Im averaging 4200 clean calories a day and seeing next to no results. Bah...

  17. Day 11: Ooooh baby oooh baby. Again at 181.5 today, found out that the scale was off calibration yesterday when I weighed in at 176. Leg day today and here comes the pain.

    I ate a banana at lunch and another 30 minutes preworkout w/ 2grams taurine. It wasn't enough.

    15x135, 12x185, 10x215, 6x275, 2x315 (record day today. Hooray right? )

    AHHHHHH BACK PUMPS...CRAZY PAINFUL BACK PUMPS. Well on a better note it means the Sdrol is in my system. But on a bad note I had to sit down and breath very slowly for 10-15 minutes before they were reasonable enough to continue the rest of the workout. I mean they were terrible after the set of 6, but I decided to see if I could put up 315 a couple of times since I all the weight was feeling light. I put it up...then the back pumps doubled.

    After I played the pansy for a 10 minutes I went back to the workout.

    Leg Curls:
    12x100, 10x110, 8x120 (better than last week)

    DB Lunges:
    10x35, 10x45, 8x45 (ahhh, back came the lower back pumps)

    Standing Calf Raises:
    15x200, 15x200, 15x200, 15x200, 15x200

    And I wimped out on the lower back exercises due to the crazy painful pumps that followed me through the workout. I was red in the face and gripping the squat rack hard enough to turn all my knuckles white, then purple, then white again it hurt so bad after my last set of squats.

    As for weight, Im still up about 3.5-4 lbs since the start and my strength may not have been great on the last few exercises but today weight felt like nothing squatting, so maybe the Sdrol is finally kicking in strength wise. We'll have to see, as my next workout is tomorrow morning at 5:15am. Until then ladies and gents, Im off to cook a big ass meal.


  18. Day 12: Fit my workout in this morning at 5:15am before I went off to work. A pretty good workout in general, although got cut short again due to having to get to work.

    Body Weight: 181lb

    Chest and Back day

    Dumbbell Bench Press:
    6x80, 6x80, 4x85 (my limiting factor here is my joints, my right shoulder is taking a beating with this increase in weight)

    Incline Bench Press: (Easy sets due to shoulder)
    10x50, 8x60, 8x60

    Cable Flys:
    15x50, 12x50, 10x60


    Bent Over Rows:
    135x10, 155x8, 175x6

    Skipped over deadlifts due to backpumps from squats yesterday...didn't feel like dying before work.

    Finished up with 5 sets of 25 crunches.

    Overall strength is up, weight is up, recovery time is awesome. I'm tearing my body up with heavy weight 6 days a week and I'm only slightly tight. Definitely feeling anabolic, but a little bummed that my weight isn't going up any higher than current. Hopefully I'll hit 185 before the end of the cycle.


  19. Day 18: Sorry for the lack of updates, been a little crazy on this end lately. Barely enough time to eat, sleep, work, and get to the gym. As for an update I have two more days of 20mg doses before I start post-cycle on Sunday. I'll give you a general idea of where I am. Bodyweight is at a steady 183. That means I've gained about 8-10lbs of lbm on this three week cycle. Strength on all exercises went up, joints are starting to feel the strain, so I'm glad I am just doing 3 weeks. Probably going to add some Super Cissus to my post cycle therapy to help recover.

    As I mentioned before this week was the last in my strength training regiment and as PCT begins so will my switch to HST training for the next eight weeks running MWF. On Tuesday/Thursdays I'll add in some HIIT cardio sessions through sprinting and jump roping. This is a maintain as much lbm as possible that I put on during cycle while shredding up stage. I've done it before but its a delicate balance. Hoping to keep the size gains that I made on superdrol even if strength starts to drop off a little. I've never run an HST program before, but I've heard good things.

    As for cycle info, here are some measurement updates. I increased my biceps by 1/2-3/4" over the past three weeks. Chest has increased 2" I think due to a little more fullness in my lats mostly. Thighs gained 1" as well. Shoulders are much more bulky...thats where I gained a lot of size on PP too. More of a V shape to my upper body. I have some pictures that are currently on my phone, not best quality, but I'm trying to get them transferred to my computer so I can upload the pictures. They are recent pics, and I'll also try to get some at the end of PCT too, so you guys can see what kind of cut I get.

    On to PCT: I mentioned it before but I'll repost it here, it will be as follows. I've changed it up a little, due to the fact that I don't fell the need to do much more than 3 weeks post cycle, since the side effects of the SD were minimal besides the back pumps. Got blood pressure work done before cycle and just the other day and the increase was almost too small to measure. So I think my support supps did their job. Here is the breakdown. I'm thinking of replacing PowerFull with Activate, because I'd like to try something new. Any suggestions as to a better natty test booster?

    Week 1: 30mg Nolva, 3x AX Retain, 200mg DHEA, 25mg AX Rebound XT, 3x PowerFull
    Week 2: 20mg Nolva, 3x AX Retain, 100mg DHEA, 50mg AX Rebound XT, 6x PowerFull
    Week 3: 10mg Nolva, 3x AX Retain, 75mg AX Rebound XT, 6x PowerFull

    If I go into a 4th week it will be with a slow phase out of Retain, AX Rebound XT, and PowerFull, i.e.

    Sunday: 3x Retain, 50mg Rebound, 6xPowerFull
    Monday: 2x Retain, 50mg Rebound, 6xPowerFull
    Tuesday: 2x Retain, 25mg Rebound, 3xPowerFull
    Wednesday: 2xRetain, 25mg Rebound, 3xPowerFull
    Thursday: 1xRetain, 25mg Rebound, 3xPowerFull
    Friday: 1x Retain, 3xPowerFull
    Saturday: 1x Retain

    I've never used Nolva before or DHEA, so I'm not sure what to expect, but if anyone has any further suggestions for PCT please feel free to comment.

    I'll try to update every few days through post cycle as well.



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