Best Test for Cutting?

  1. Best Test for Cutting?

    Is Prop the best Test for Cutting?


  2. People suggest prop b/c of the supposed less water weight with the prop ester, however I have no idea how water weight has any effect on cutting, unless that water weight is caused by more estrogen.

  3. The longer esters of test do have a tendency to aromatize to a larger degree, thus making you hold more water. And holding extra water really doesnt effect how much BF you cut, it just makes it easier to see the results.

  4. I tend to like 6-8 week cutting cycles as a maximum time limit. Prop is best for shorter cycles. So I go with prop.

  5. Test is Test is Test is Test!!!

    The aromatization factor can be controlled easily, as can the held water weight. It all depends how much you want to stick yourself, and your pain threshold. Prop has a much higher affinity for knotting up, and causeing pain.

    The Historic PES Legend

  6. you can cut on any compound....

    Test with any ester...( or lack of), has no influence on my choice.

  7. BD Test E sound good bro?


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