Superdrol that expires 04/07? Any good?

  1. Superdrol that expires 04/07? Any good?

    Hi guys,

    I have a bottle of the original Superdrol that will be expiring in April of 2007. The bottle was opened about 1 year ago when I attempted a cycle but I came down with some sort of virus a few days in and was never able to touch it. This past year I've been testing products for ALRI and simply haven't had a chance to use it. It's basically been chillin' in my cabinet since. What do you guys think?

    With it being this close to the expiration date, and being opened, has some of the potency of the product been compromised?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

  2. It hink it'll be fine as long as the storage place wasn't extremely hot or humid.

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