First 1-test cycle!

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  1. Three days a week seems like too much work in too little time.  Why not work out 5 days a week and do more sets and only work one muscle group/day?

    After reading this thread, you guys have me thinking I work out too much. I used to do a powerlifting/football training routine where I would hit each muscle group 2x per week with lots of compound movements and a light day/heavy day spread.  Now I'm doing Max-OT where each muscle group is trained once per week but with more volume and it feels easier and more effective than my previous routine, tho it helped me get into shape.  Usually I do a 5on/2off every week and take a week off to do pure cardio every month or two. I'll usually do about 25min of cardio as a warm up and then lift for 40min.  I've tried cutting cardio and focusing more on lifting but I feel fatter around the stomach when I do. Any suggestions? 

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    First, getting fat around the waist is normal if your going for size, you should avoid cardio since it might hinder your results, UNLESS your a mesomorph or have genetics. But you do what's best for you, if training the way you were training gets you results, then continue, but if your not happy with it try and do max 4 workouts per week. Your body needs rest, your muscles need time to repair. So in my opinion try and get more rest and remember when you get the size you want by either bulking or whatever then that's when you "cut down", not while your trying to gain size. How much do you weight?? whats your body fat?

    ps: If your lifting weights while trying to hget rid of the fat around your waist, then good luck because it's gonna be a slow process. You have to focus on one thing, either you lift to get size, or you go on some fat loss diet. It's one or the other, not both.

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    Sorry I forgot to add, try and make your warm-up 4-6 minutes. Then stretch, then workout. Keep it under 70 minutes.

  4. thanks for the suggestions bro, it's good to know some heaviness is normal and I'll try cutting cardio and lifting more, esp on my upcoming cycle! later

    btw, my height is 5'9" (medium frame) and I weigh about 183lbs with about 20%bf tested about 2 months ago by fat calipers; 20% seems high but I seem to do more cardio at higher intensity than most everyone else at my gym and I don't look fat anymore but still have a small tire from youth that I can't shake (too much junk food as a kid)
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    Hmmm I see, I know exactly what you mean. This may be a bad suggestion and I don't want anyone to say I am corrupting you but if your looking to "cut down" the cheap way but effective get "Drythoxicut", man this stuff will give you a fu*king burst of energy. I used it to play soccer and it's crazy ****. It's 10 times better than Ephedrine Plus or Pure, why? Because it has other ingredients like caffeine, Chromium and 20mg of ephedrine(that's basic). This stuff is clinically proven to burn fat fast. Not only that it speeds up your metabolism. It cost me 60$ Canadian and since it's illegal here it's hard to get, since you live in the states I'm sure it'
    s easy access. Oh another tip, if you want to lose the fat off your waist there is no better way than a fat loss diet with cardio. One of the best ways for a cardio run is when you wake up in the morning. Since you sleep for max 8 hours your body is free of any food so if you go for a run on an empty stomach you'll burn fat in a great way. Has always worked. I'm on the same boat bro. I've got some fat around my waist(not too much). I never had that before but only because I eat alot for size. I'm around 5'10 and 162 LBM now. If there's anything I can help you with let me know. One more thing, have you done any pros or AAS?



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