trans and water/sun??

  1. Question trans and water/sun??

    it's obvious all of you love T-1 Pro gels but, i have heard that being out in the sun all day and exposure to cholrine in pool water is not suggested when doing a trans cycle. First off, is this true? secondly, what's a good oral way to go about this?

    i see that T-1 Pro has 1,4 Diol tabs but, what would be a good stack with that? i have always been told a 1test/4ad with possible 1,4andro stack is the best.

    any companies to watch out for and are there any companies that are real good? opinion on VPX prodcuts???

    thanks bros

  2. PM lifeguard he should be able to answer this hehe

  3. already done that

    yeah, that's what i did first...but i haven't gotten a reply in a little bit, so i got anxious and opened up the question to all

  4. JL5, Check your PM.

  5. Bigswole, you're not aftraid to talk up VPX on this board are you? Why the pm? Just kiddin with ya.

  6. Im curious too!


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