My first injection mishap. Am I okay?

  1. My first injection mishap. Am I okay?

    It was my left glute's turn this evening. I think I know what my problem is. I don't stay steady. I keep going in and out a little bit, and side to side. It's only my third week since many years so I need practise.. But (no pun intended), I bled A LOT. I put the needle in, aspirated, injected - and when I pulled out, streams of blood gushed out as well. There was even some blood in the needle/vile.. I'm guessing I went through a vein or something.. Maybe I was a little too off to the side of my cheek. Anyway.. No caughing or anything.. So I'm figuring there's no oil in my blood.. To stop the bleeding, I just used a little alcohol tab, applied pressure and left it there.. Am I okay? Does this happen from time to time?

    Thanks in advance...

  2. sometimes you just go through a vein, you will have a nasty bruise in the area tomorrow but you will live. you may have penetrated a vein while jiggling the needle a little bit. try and stay more steady in the future. sitting down while doing a glute injection might help to steady things out.

  3. Yeah, you should be ok, and as long as you didnt inject any oil in your fine. You most likely hit a vein, which can hurt like hell, but you'll get over it.

    Just try to relax and keep breathing while injecting. Staying relaxed is very important.

  4. Thanks, guys. I injected with the needle the whole inch and a half in, so.. I'm guessing I didn't inject into any veins. So I'm going to feel pain tomorrow, huh? Great. I wanted to take a break from pain in my quads...

  5. my wife did my ass injects. I don't know how the hell else I would have done it without a little help

  6. It sucks total ass. No pun intended.. I'm not very flexible these days either.. It's very difficult. I'm not nervous when I do the shot, but I can't stay steady.

  7. Im lucky that Im pretty flexible and can get the glutes with ease.

  8. You will be fine besides some soreness and possible bruising.
    Injecting into a vein will cause almost immediate effects.

  9. Thanks. I was waiting to see if I'd start coughing and tasting the oil in my mouth.. I was pretty happy to find that it didn't happen. It's a really sucky feeling, though, seeing all that blood pour out.

  10. Probablly a lot of bruising I did that with a shoulder inject and I had to cover up at the gym for like 2wks so people woldn't notice. may have some trouble sitting but besides that your probablly good.

  11. Oddly enough, no bruise and no pain.. Maybe I'm a space alien.


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