dianabol only cycle, mick hart laymans steroid book

  1. Question dianabol only cycle, mick hart laymans steroid book

    i've been reading up on mick hart and i have searched around here numerous times and different ways to find a post on his book and his 8 or 10 week pyramiding dianabol only cycle. i know that it is long for an oral has anyone run something similar to this? i know that it aromatizes fairly easy, in his book he recommends running 10mg per day of nolva throughout the cycle. on another note, i've read up that substances such as deca help the joints and have also been known to speed up collagen production for your tendons. i've gone through physical therapy and i still dont feel comfortable squatting because my knee tendons feel so ****ty for the next three days after. i dont really want to use deca because of the length it may stay in my system and shutdown. i was looking at how i could use the minimum dose and be able to have it help my knees. i know there are other substances out there that will do this too, if theres anyone who would know how i could run something like that at very low dose with dianabol that would be excellent, considering im not trying to gain the size on anything but the dianabol.
    thanks for ur time,

    stats 6'2 220 %15 body fat age 22 bench 375 (squat 460 last year)

  2. There are people on here far more knowledgeable than me, I'm sure, but AFAIK no anabolics are going to help your tendons. You can build muscle, but you need to exercise to make a difference with the tendons. Dbol and deca was the first cycle I ever did, and it's great for a simple and affordable way to see what your body can do. It's good that you are thinking about running nolva with it, but don't forget to protect your liver with some milk thistle, and your cholesterol and BP with garlic, celery seed, hawthorn berry, and a policosanol/red yeast rice combo.

    And...if your doctor really thinks you need to pack on some mass (or you can somehow con them into thinking your way), try for a prescription for Oxandrin!!!

  3. i think hgh would be the only thing to really help you out with joints and tendons.

    as for the dbol only, eek...a guy i work with is popping anadrol by itself, even worse. people never cease to amaze me, and i dont mean that in a good way.

  4. Actually I have used Nandrolone (PhenylProp) to help me heal my shoulder. You're right as it does help collagen synthesis.. as does Boldenone and Oxandralone, and to an extent Methenolone.

    So yes, some AAS do help with tendons and joints.

    People do oral cycles all the time.. ie PH's and the new designer oral steroids available OTC...

    UperPooper, what's the difference between someone running Dbol standalone, and someone running one of the new Designers?

    Some may not approve, but hey, if it works for them.. It may not be the smartest healthwise, or maintainable LBM wise, but..

    I stick to injectables, but I'm not going to hate on oral only/transdermal people.

  5. Abombs although very hepatoxic, my friend has had great gains albeit short term with them, with maybe 2-5 lbms gained from after 15lbs, with no real aromaztion etc. Some people IMO should stick with orals safely untill they can ease themselves into injectables... just my red.02

  6. I would not want to deal with the D'bol lower back pumps for 8-10weeks. So far, the only oral I would consider running 8-10 weeks is anavar, JMO
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  7. does anyone know if turanabol significantly increases collagen synthesis???


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