Anyone know about Testobol from Promatrix?

  1. Question Anyone know about Testobol from Promatrix?

    Is anyone aware of or used Testobol from Promatrix?  If so, what have you experienced?  Any input is greatly appreciated.

  2. Oh god...... Torch him boys.

  3. Testobol is no more than any onther 1test product.  If you not getting it for free its not worth considering.

  4. Correction Destro....

    Testobol is 4-hydroxytestosterone, it is the target hormone of 4-hydroxyandrostenedione (formestane)....

    Well Musclz...

    First things first, change your avatar to something a little less gay

    Second...why waste your time and money taking a "shady" product? I personally would go with whats been proven to work.... 1-test/4-ad

    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  5. Lifeguard, please explain what you mean by "shady" as well as is this product not advertised by a reputable company? 

    YellowJacket, there is so much stuff out there, what's wrong with this stuff?  I know about 1-AD and 4-AD, but why is this stuff so bad?

  6. By the way Lifeguard, how's that? Better? Or would you rather have me post a pic of the Devil drowning puppies? Perhaps the pic was a bit "funny" but it's a cartoon for crying out loud! Have a little humor!

  7. Musclz, if you have the money to try things that have not been proven to work and you want to be gunie pig then do it. If you dont have the money to waste then spend it on what has been proven to work and work well. BTW we are not talking about 1AD and 4AD only. Things like 1Test, 4AD, 19nor, 3Alpha, and 1, 4 AD all have their place. 1AD is kinda old school but it does work.

  8. Much appreciated windwords7! With regards 1Test and 4AD, is there a brand specific that you recommend?

  9. Originally posted by Musclz
    Much appreciated windwords7! With regards 1Test and 4AD, is there a brand specific that you recommend?

    How about the one sold here?

  10. Yep, for premade, just go with BDC's stuff. It's the best value for the money.

  11. I didnt mean the same as in same exact thing.  My boy who works at great earth says that customers think its the ****.  He didnt try it yet but he has tride T1 before and liked it a lot.  Im intrested to see if it has any benifits whatsoever.   

  12. Go to b b .com and do a search there som guys posted some stuff on it.  allot of im gonna trys and im intresteds but very little feedback


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