First Injectable Cycle

  1. First Injectable Cycle

    I'm starting to plan my first injectable cycle. I wanna run it sometime around July. I have a source, and am just looking for input as to whether or not this would be any good. Here goes:

    Dianabol - 20 mg ed (weeks 1-4)
    Test Cypionate - 400 mg ew 1-10(monday + thursday injections; 200 mg each)

    I'm leaning towards cypionate since i know people that have had great experiences with it. I also want to maybe throw in some winny in the end. I dunno, you guys tell me. As far as PH history goes, i've run max lmg, superdrol, and 1-test in the past.

  2. Looks pretty solid. You didnt say how long for the test, but i would recommend going 12 weeks. Also, if you can get test-e Id get that instead, I believe you get more test out of it than with test cyp due to the ester weight. Also, I would say go with 500mgs/week. That is usually a good starting point for a first cycle. I would leave the winni out this cycle and leave it for a future cycle. No use using more than you need to and complicating it more. Just focus on eating well, lifting hard, and maybe some cardio if you are worried about fat gain. First cycle is usually the best to gain some good clean muscle with, dont worry about trying to get cut up at the end. Just my opinion though, others may think differently.

  3. bump the dbol to 30mg

  4. I'd run at least 500mg of Test.. for at least 12 weeks. Other than that it's pretty good. Start PCT 2 weeks after the last shot.

    CYp and Enan are virtually indiscernable when you look at the pharmacology. The amount of test per ester weight is negligible between to two.. .. Some people have their preferences still.

  5. instead of running dbol for 4 weeks, could i run methyl 1-test (which i already have) at 10 mg 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on? maybe bumping it up to 20 mg after a couple of days?

  6. no way, take dbol over M1t.
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  7. No reason to go 2 on 2 0ff 2 on. thats pointless in a normal cycle and was not a very good idea in the first place. Go with dbol.


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