Need opinions on my upcoming cycle...

  1. Need opinions on my upcoming cycle...

    I'm thinking of running this cycle here in the next week or so, any opinions?

    I'm 5'11 225 19%BF and been lifting for 10+yrs. I want to grow and gain some strength, but at the same time drop the BF% by the end of the cycle. I will eat right and do cardio 4x a week. 300g protien a day minimum. I'm doing the Sdrol instead of something like Dbol, because 1) I have a **** load of it, 2) I don't want the major bloat Dbol gives. Also I thought of trying British Dragon's TBol instead of the Winstrol at the end. I'm open to any and all ideas. By the way, I've cycled everything I've talked about here except for the Test Enan.

    12 week cycle

    Testosterone Enanthate 500mg week 1-10

    Superdrol 20mg week 1-2
    30mg week 3-4

    Winstrol Oral 50mg day week 8-12

    Clomid and Nolvadex for PCT

    I'll also take other supplements not listed above, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    Thanks guys

  2. tattoopierced1
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    Just curious, but why SD for 4 weeks? If it were me, I would cut it to 2 weeks for the SD at either 20 or 30mg. You also might want to extend the test out to 12 weeks if at all possible depending on when it kicks in for you.

  3. Superdrol AND Winstrol? Do you want to **** your cholesterol up that bad?

  4. Well, I have taken two SDrol cycles, a 4 and a 5 week, and ran blood tests after both. Everything looked good after a 10-20 day period after the cycle.

    I guess instead of SDrol and Wini, I can go with something like Tbol to jumpstart the cycle and end with the same thing.

  5. yes, I am now going to run for 12 weeks.



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