M1T cycle, Gyno allready?

  1. M1T cycle, Gyno allready?


    Been reading these forums for the last few months and have just started my first cycle of M1T. This is my second day at 10mg.

    Today I have just noticed a small lump to the side of my nipple about the size of a small pea under the skin.. It has not been itching or sensative at all, I only noticed it cause i was looking for it really. Its very slightly sensitive if I squeeze the lump, slightly uncomfortable but not much.

    Is this actually Gyno already? it was'nt there the other day. Shall I start taking some nolva already or see if it gets any bigger / more sensitive first?


  2. take nolva immediatley, 40mg until the lump subsides, if it gets worse then i would just go strait to pct. that's strange at only 10mg so soon.

  3. Its almost gone today and isn't sensitive at all now. Guess i'll just keep a close eye on it for now.

  4. It's on the side of the nipple, not under it?
    Doesn't sound like gyno to me.

  5. Yeah, thats right. It's at 2 o clock really, so above and to the left a little. Still seems alright at the moment anyway. Maybe its not gyno at all then.

  6. i would still be cautious and take nolva.


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