face growth.. myth/fact???

  1. face growth.. myth/fact???

    i think there are clashing oppinions on this

    i'm really not sure what causes the moon face.. exessive est from the armo..

    or the increase in test

    but either way

    that's really not the point but if somone can answer me this cool

    does anyone care to comment on wheter in fact gearing makes your face grow/get wider??


  2. I believe moon face is just caused by water retention

  3. GH can cause permanent facial changes, can't it? Jawline and forehead for the most part as I understand it.

  4. Yes but only in excessive doses and those who are prone to it, if you look at pictures of Jay Cutler from the beginning of his career and now you can clearly see his jaw and forehead have grown from all the GH. Hand and foot bones are also suseptible to growth.

  5. moon face is from retention, which is from cycling, but can also be from estrogen...most likely just retention

  6. I hate to be an ass but you need to read the board rules about posting


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