Post cycle impotence

  1. Post cycle impotence

    It's been about 5 weeks since I started pct with clomid and nolvadex, and I'm having trouble getting a erection at all. I'm still taking clomid @ 50mg ED. My sex drive is virtually non-exsistent at this point. This was my second cycle, first time during pct I didn't have this problem. Hopefully it's because I also have a pretty bad cold at the moment-but this is pissing me off. If this is going to happen every time during pct, it's not even worth it to do another cycle IMO, any of you guys experience this? I'm thinking about picking up some HCG and running that with more clomid and nolvadex.

  2. If you were going to do the HCG, you should have done it with your cycle from day 1... as for the low sex drive, could be a number of things along with the PCT

  3. 5 weeks of clomid after how long of a cycle? were you ON for like 20 weeks? like matthew said if you were gonna use hcg you should have been doing it all along, pct is not the proper time to use hcg....its somewhat suppressive by itself.

  4. what were the dosages of clomid and nolva throughout your PCT .. also what was your cycle like (drugs, duration, and doses)

  5. My cycle was:

    Dbol @ 30mg weeks 1-3
    Test E @ 500mg weeks 1-11
    EQ @ 400mg weeks 1-10

    I'm aware hcg can be somewhat suppressive on it's own, but I'm pretty desperate at this point. I guess I'm just gonna have to continue running clomid until things get back up?

    pct was started 2 weeks after my last shot of test and was
    week 1 clomid 50mg ed
    week 2 clomid 100mg ed
    week 3 clomid 50mg ed/nolva 20mg ed
    week 4 clomid 50mg ed/nolva 20mg ed

  6. your pct was kinda weak .. usually you want to taper DOWN not up .. i would up your clomid to 100mg ed and nolva to 60ed for 2 weeks .. go from there

  7. I agree I would up the nolva dosage as for the clomid I'm not a big fan. Also try some natural test enhancers like FUZE or something with Longjack in it. Check out the sponsors they have products geared at helping the libido recover from cycles.

  8. In my experience, being ill is the best libido suppresser in the history of mankind. Wait until you're healthy to make a full assessment of your wee wee.

  9. you could pick some research cialis or viagra if you still need to perform. it won't help your libido but will make getting hard easier.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by OmarJackson
    you could pick some research cialis or viagra if you still need to perform. it won't help your libido but will make getting hard easier.
    I thougth about this but that would be a last resort. I shouldn't need viagra at 23. Today I was able to get a pretty good erection, not exactly rock hard but enough to achieve orgasm. This could be because I'm getting over the cold, hopefully that has a lot to do with it

  11. i wouldn't worry about it yet clomid can decrease libido even though it helps restore your natural test. Right now i would worry only about getting your test level back up during your pct. if you stress about getting an erection your only mind ****ing yourself into not getting one. if your taking anything other than clomid also make sure whatever you might be taking doesn,t have sexual side effects. also remember that stress will kill a sex drive quicker than anything so if there are things in your life that are stressing you out that could also be causing it.


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