U S Pharmaceuticals testosterone E 300?

  1. U S Pharmaceuticals testosterone E 300?

    Has anyone ever heard of or seen this stuff?

  2. yup, good guys.

  3. its money

  4. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    its money
    haven't heard that in a while.

  5. Thanks for the ultra quick replies...
    I have it available to me but I had never heard og it and I couldn't find any information on it here or any other site.
    What's the story with it? Is it a home brew? Can anyone post a link to a thread or any other info on it?

  6. can't give a link, that'd be source posting. i'll just leave it as they make quality gear. nuff said

  7. You don't know of any prior thread discussing the stuff? No pictures of the bottles? I'm not asking for sources just a little more info from others who may have experience with it. What the bottle should look like because frankly the bottle I have looks kind of suspect.

  8. that's not something that's really done on AM .. there are Other boards Looming where you can find that sort of info

  9. Oh, OK. Hey thanks fellas.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    Other Looming
    where could you possibly mean?

  11. i'm like the priory of sion baby .. i only speak in code

  12. Good one Glen. Very cryptic.
    I picked that one up.

  13. If it is the board that I am thinking about, I would stay the hell away from it because the last time I heard it was hot... with a HUGE CAPITAL H

  14. Matt - Out***?

  15. i heard one specific guy on there was RED HOT, who is still hawking his wares and indeed sending out so the fed can swoop in for a big kill ... this is of course only what i heard .. this could mean that the board as a whole is hot .. but i don't know what that translates to for each individual on there

    as always everyone needs to remember this stuff IS ILLEGAL, no matter our personal feelings on it, the gov doesn't care .. you should never order from anyone that you aren't 100% confident in ... some muscle is never worth your freedom .. everyone be smart and stay safe .. people always talk about "being in the game" but this is the furthest thing possible from being a "game"


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