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  1. PH to Gear

    Just curious, cuz I know what I *should* do, if I were smart and patient...but I'm not either. So, how bad is it to jump on to gear straight from the end of a PH cycle? From 1-test and 4ad to enan/deca/dbol. My gear's arriving earlier than I thought...and I already got the PH...enough to do 1 cycle but not enough rest time...what do you guys think would happen? Thanks.

  2. Ignorant. Because 1-test shuts you down just as 'gear' does.

  3. Yeah, for sure dude. Go ahead if you want to fry your nuts and possibly permanantly damage your endorcrine system....sounds like a brilliant plan to me

    I think you have your answer now baham. Learn both patience and research man.

  4. okay, please no more replies. I'm sold. I won't go on for anymore time than I can come off...2 week on / off if necessary.

  5. I wouldnt even waste my time with a 2 week cycle of anything

  6. I agree YJ..two weeks..aint worht doing

  7. Ive run two weeks of one test with pretty decent results.. Although, it was no where near what I could have achieved if I had stayed on longer. Baham, stop ****ing around and be patient. Do your research and take proper time to recover bewteen cycles. Some people have said your not even ready for a PH cycle based on your knowledge base. The real deal isn't anything to screw around with. Put in the time do your research, understand everything you need to know about running a real cycle, and then make the decision. I don't know your previous lifting history, but I hope you are at least 21 years old and have been lifting quite a while to consider PH's or AAS.


  8. I am...and I have, largely inspired by this board, but I'm sorry to have put myself in such a position to be judged. Thanks everyone for your help.

  9. 2 weeks of anything is definitely a waste of time....

    Do things properly or don't do them at all!!


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