1. heart/bp

    i know that im one of those guys... the guys that get on and get paranoid about things going wrong. and its hard for me to tell whether im experiencing sides or whether i am in my own head... but i am worried about my heart. i am on a test/deca cycle right now, a pyramid cycle going up and coming back down with dosages. making sure that its less deca than test. i had a previous post on here about arimidex, so i went and got some, and today is my first day taking it (.5mg daily). that should help with all of the water retention, which in turn should help with the bp and a lot of that correct? anything else i can make sure and take to help with that? just want to make sure the ticker is going to last me and not be under too much stress, and i am really worried about. it seems like my hearts beating harder to me, but i dont know if thats in my head or what. you know how it is...

  2. If you are that worried about it just stop your cycle and start pct. Otherwise, keep up the arimidex, get some hawthorn berry and celery seed extract, both of those will help with blood pressure. I doubt a test/deca cycle will get your bp too extremely high, so those 3 items should be good enough. BTW, do you know what your bp is? Get it tested if you are worried about it.

  3. Anxiety may be your biggest issue. Simply monitor your blood pressure, do cardio, and use supplements for cardiovascular health

  4. thanks guys, you two have given me a lot of advice. i appreciate it. and yeah, it is just anxiety, but i want to take care of it you know? thanks again for the advice.

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