Which cycles do you like?

  1. Which cycles do you like?

    I am thinking about cutting here (def need to). Anyways I had some ideas I was going to throw out there and see what you guys thought.

    800mg methenolone enanthate a week for 12 weeks
    600mg trenbolone acetate
    HCG as needed.

    I thinking that this would kick ass for couple of reasons. One being that there is no estrogen that would come of this the trenbolone would be free to free to work its magic on the BF%. Another being diabetic is that there is no test in this and I would be unaffected blood sugar wise, the downside to this is the Primo would cost me almost 400 bucks making this ten times as expensive as any other cycle I have ran.

    1,200mg of testosterone blend a week weeks 1 to 12
    600mg trenbolone acetate
    .5mg of Letrozole with each shot (six days a week) weeks 1 to 12.
    HCG as needed

    Pros are works well, cheap (not even the cost of a good date) Cons are using Letrozole and having to change out my diabetes medications to account for the test.

    1,400mg of testosterone decanoate a week weeks 1 to 14
    700mg trenbolone enanthate a week weeks 1 to 14
    .5mg Letrozole ED for weeks 1 to 15
    HCG as needed.

    Pros are the same as above except only have to inject 1 to 2 times a week. Cons same as above but a little more expensive.

    1,400mg of testosterone decanoate a week weeks 1 to 14
    800mg boldenolone undecylenate a week weeks 1 to 14

    Pros, milder, tried and true, very cheap. Cons, missing the trenbolone fat burning qualities. Also EQ is bad for cutting as it makes me very hungry.

    1,200mg of testosterone valerate a week weeks 1 to 10
    600mg of trenbolone butyrate a week weeks 1 to 10
    .5mg of Letrozole with each shot (six days a week) weeks 1 to 12.
    HCG as needed

    Pros, nice even E3rdD shots, long and more soluble then prop so should be painless, still short enough to kick in quickly and be able to start PCT the week after. Cons, can’t buy the esters so stuck doing it myself (this is a pain in the ass). That is a lot of time, trouble, and money to spend just to make myself some custom gear. This would be a major project as well.

  2. i like cycle 2 or 3 (depending on how much you want to inject), although if you can and don't mind paying more aromasin is much better than letro not necessarily in terms of reducing circulating estrogen, but just the added benefits it has for your liver and igf-1 levels as well as not hindering libido (although that probably isn't a question with 1.2 grams of test

    as far as the meds go, i don't know how much of a pain in the ass it is to change it as far as actually changing it and then what happens to your body, but primo is so expensive and from what i've read not necessarily worth the extra money

    that's my 3 cents for what its worth

  3. I like #2

  4. I like the first one, but what do I know.

  5. Heh, I'd go grazy if you're cutting and run masteron and tren at the same time - that'll harden the hell out of you

  6. could you get ahold of boldenone base? i'd think that would make a nice stack; you could run it with some tren acetate. that would enable you to keep control over your blood levels much closer than some of the longer ester steroids you listed above such as the undecylenate, decanoate, enanthate, etc. Run the bold. base as a transdermal and you cut down on the # of pins also, although it seems you have no qualms about pinned ED for quite a while...


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