Anybody take Lipitor & PH?

  1. Anybody take Lipitor & PH?

    Do any of you have high cholesterol (before PH usage) and take medication for it and have used PH? What interaction, if any, could be caused by taking PH's while on a cholesterol medication? I have read that the cholesterol drugs are hard on the liver, so by combining that with the stress on the liver from the PH really doesnt sound like a very good idea. So did you stop the cholesterol meds while on PH's? Is there a time delay to clear your system of the meds? Please share even what you consider basic info, as I am looking for any and all info I can get. Thanks in advance for all info!

  2. I would use caution when combining PH's and cholesterol meds. I have high cholesterol, and it goes through the roof while on cycle. However, I have found that taking red rice yeast, fish oil and policosinal effect my liver values far less than perscription drugs. I don't take Lipidor as recommended by my Dr.--instead I use the above supps and my cholesterol has gone down from 320 to about 210 in a couple months. I will use these supps while on PH's and I will just stagger the doses around the PH's.

    I will be getting some bloods done prior to my SD/4derm cycle that will start in a couple weeks.
    Look for my cycle log as Bloodwork will be done a few times throughout this cycle and I will be sure to mention the liver values while using all the above.

    Of course this all depends on how harsh the PH is in the first place. (M1T would be a bad choice, but from what I read SD isn't so harsh on the liver??)

    Hope this helps some.......................... ..........I'm no expert

  3. What dosage of red yeast rice and fish oil do you take? Ive taken fish oil for several years, but adding the RYR didnt seem to help over the last month or so. BUT, my blood work was done about 2 1/2 weeks after stopping the Mdien, so I wonder how much, if any, it will drop in a few more weeks. How much policosinal do you take and can you recommend a good source? What do you mean by stagger the doses? Do you up the dosage while on? My doctor keeps pressing me to start the lipitor, and Im not sure how much longer he will authorize the blood tests if I dont do something other than trying diet and excercise.

  4. I take 1200 mg RYR 2X's a day **Cholestene** (that's 4 pills aday)

    I take only 2 fish oil pills 2X's aday **Optimum** I hate the after burps!!!
    I take 10 mg 2X's aday policosanol **NOW** (that's 2 pills aday)

    I will adjust these when I start a cycle so I can stagger the doses away from the PH. I want to leave 5-7 hrs apart from the supps and all other PH's. My theory is this will help with some liver stress. I don't drink alcohol so I'm really not as concerned with my short term liver values as I am my cholesterol. I feel that any minor, if any,damage to the liver will heal itself faster than trying to constantly alter lipid profiles. Plus I also take milk thistle after any cycle for liver protectant and healer. One thing I will add to the mix of supps is COQ10, I've read that while taking any type of statin it's good to supplement with that.
    For the most part I am just going with the flow, I will not take any Prescribed meds cause I feel they are worse than some PH's out there. I don't want to stop the Ph's cause the gains I've made are good, but now that I got my act together the next cycle I feel is gonna be great. These supps have worked for me, so I'm just gonna see how it goes.

    I buy most supps from the board sponsers and 1 fart.

    If your Dr wont continue the bloodwork(CRAZY), just go to a walk in office, ya now those shaddy offices that are open on sunday, they do fine bloodwork because most of it is sent out anyway, probably to the same lab your Dr sends your work to now.
    I will be getting bloods done soon cause I really want to get this next SD cycle going. I'll post the results in a log.

    Go do a search on these above supps in some forums, just use google and see what you find. There are positive and negative feedback on all the supps I use, but I feel they are just as good as any Perscribed Meds out there.

  5. Double D6,
    While I appreciate what your doing I have to ask why both the RYR and Policosanol? I think they both work via similar mechanisms (HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors) and wonder if both are needed. It might be more beneficial to drop one and add niacin instead. Just my 2 cents.

  6. I wish the walk in doc was an option, but we are in a very rural area and there are only 2 doctors within a reasonable drive, 30 minutes or less. I may end up hookin up the mules and going to town to get a second opinion. I only take half the dose of RYR that you do, so I will bump that up and start on the policosanol. you seem to have had very good success with it dropping your total #. I've thought about it and wanted to try the RYR by itself to see if it helped. I'm going to write the Quaker Oatmeal people and tell them that I tried their cholesterol dropping theory and it didn't do squat. I had hoped for even a small drop, but nothing. How do you get your doctor to do blood work so often and not give you trouble? I will try to make this the last question of the day. Thanks!

  7. pcn---I go to a local office that could care less if I got bloods done 1000 x's a month.

    More money for him and he doesn't push any meds on me. (not my real Dr also)

    greenside--- I've done some research on the two supps and while they both aim to have the same effect, it is my understanding that they have differences between them.They somehow alter lipid profiles in different ways and are made of different ingredients. I don't really recall the exact way this happens, but it works for me. I guess there are different strokes for different folks. I'm just gonna keep it going for some time and see how well the two work long term. My father is going to use policosanol as a stand alone. His cholesterol is 269, so we'll see how it works for him in a few months.
    The only fear that I have is trying to keep cholesterol under control without any supps because I have the hereditary (sp?) version.
    Hopefully running the two will help keep cholesterol under some kind of control while on cycle. But I'll only know once I'm on and have blood checked.
    I will say I am impressed with the way these supps are lowering my cholesterol. I agree with you though, in that I'll never know which one is doing the job or if it's both. I'll mess around with changing up maybe after next cycle.
  8. Lipitor and PH

    I was prescribed Lipitor from my doctor, but never started it. I use a vitamin called Pantethine. I take 2pills/day. I have had my cholesterol checked 2 times since I have been taking it, with great results.I just told my doctor this morning I never started the Lipitor. She is shocked. Try really works.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by buffednfit
    I was prescribed Lipitor from my doctor, but never started it. I use a vitamin called Pantethine. I take 2pills/day. I have had my cholesterol checked 2 times since I have been taking it, with great results.I just told my doctor this morning I never started the Lipitor. She is shocked. Try really works.
    where do you get it and what was your cholesterol before vs. now?

  10. Yes, please tell more.

  11. Lipitor raises liver values, and PH are harsh on liver also.......bad combo.

  12. Right. Do you have any before and after liver values for the combination so we can judge how bad the effect is?


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