question on keeping/losing weight after cycle

  1. question on keeping/losing weight after cycle

    when people refer to losing weight after/during pct are most refering to muscle loss or bodyweight loss? ive cycled once and getting ready for pct and after leaning out through pct and a loss of water retention, assuming all mass was retained, is it necessarily a bad thing to "lose" weight?
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  2. i focus more on keeping strength than i do weight. and close measurements to see what i really lose. everyone should lose weight once the cycle ends because water and glycogen storage from the steroid should cease. im only one oral cycle deep though so lets see what else is said

  3. once your body gets to a point its almost impossible to keep everything you made on cycle unless your gonna stay on a cruise. but normally size and strength will be lost to a point. no, its not a bad thing to lose weight as long as its not muscle being lost.

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