UG vs Pharm Brands

  1. UG vs Pharm Brands

    Ok, hopefully I'm violating any rules; but here is my question. How do you know if gear is UG or pharmacutical brand?
    For my test I have a British flag on it. Not sure if I am allowed to mention the name so I won't.
    My Deca has a name on it with a lot#. Would UGs have lot#s?
    My Clomid says a lab name but it's made in Russia.
    My other gear, dbol, Nolva, Anavar and Anadrol came in zip it bags so I have no idea but I bought them from a reliable source.
    My Caber I have some from India and some from South Africa that I bought from a drug store from a VERY reliable source (in the family). I also have liquid chemical version; but it tastes horrible!

    I'd appreciate the advice.

  2. I meant to say NOT violating any rules.

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