blood test

  1. blood test

    Hi guys, when should the blood test be done? before cycle, after cycle and after pct? or just before cycle and after pct?

    What values/results should I be looking for?


  2. before cycle - so you have baselines. beyond that, it depends on your $$. best would be if you are doing orals just at last day of pct, and then 45 days later. on injectibles at end of cycle, last of pct, 60 later.

    minimally before cycle and given the choice i'd go with 30 days after end of pct if you are only getting a second and not a 3rd.

  3. What would happen if I got a blood test in day 8 of pct? (torem, daa, erase)
    6 weeks [email protected]
    Would I test low for T? Would a doc suspect Ph use or just think I have low test?

  4. tough to say that is right about when numbers start to move. So it could potentially look ok, but depends on what hormones got measured as to whether ratios would look weird.

  5. I am hoping for low t to get an rx for t



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