1. Superdrol

    What's up guys I'm going to be running my first cycle on superdrol within the next couple weeks.
    This is the only cycle I'm ever goin to do I just want that quick boost.

    Will run a 30/30/30/30 4 week cycle for decent gains, not to bulk but for a significant change. Will be taking liver therapeutics liver support during cycle. *currently looking for a SERM*

    Any information on superdrol, good or bad would be greatly appreciated, also any advice on dosing my liver support and what to run for PCT would help too.

    18 yrs old 5'10" weigh 145 hoping to hit 155

  2. Dude... first off you're 18, enough said. Secondly 30 is a lot on your system for 10 lbs. You need to eat, sleep, and train... 145 is skinny man. Whatever gains you get you'll lose most due to being 145 naturally. Steroids are serious business... at your age and weight it's not worth it. Add a creatine, eat 500-800 over maintenance, and get a good training regimen. I don't wanna sound rude but really man, do yourself a favor and stay away for about 7 years.

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  3. Bro your too small to be using not to mention your age. Think that one through. And no one ever does one

  4. Not to
    Mention superdrol is super toxic

  5. We all know, it's not what you want to hear right now man. I was in your shoes, with access to dbol at age 17, but I had been doing a lot of research and knew that it wasn't exactly good for my body that young, and I had not been lifting long enough to take advantage of it.

    You REALLY need to accustom your muscles to heavy loads for a few years before you hit the gear. When you're on the gear, you will start adding weight to the bar QUICK, and anything not a muscle is not ready for that yet, and you can seriously hurt something.

    And TRUST ME, it will NOT be the "only cycle you do".. It's crazy man, once you feel the pumps and gains, you don't just say you're done with juice.

    As for Superdrol, because you will probably still cycle whether anyone tells you or not, which is cool, your decision, but heed advice. Superdrol needs to be done at 10 or 20mg daily for a first run. I'm almost done with my 2nd week on 20mg daily SD and 500mg/week Test E injectable, and I feel great! I take 4 Liv52 pills a day, and 8 CEL Cycle Assist pills a day, along with multivitamins and fish oils spread out throughout the day.

    You will NOT learn enough in this thread to do it safely. I suggest lift BIG and EAT BIG. Research, read and lift for a few more years, and when you're ready, (I can't post links due to my post count) but Google search: How To Use Superdrol Safetly (Methasterone)

  6. Dude... first off I am too small for the Drol, or right there on the border lines. Then again I am also almost 25, and a science nerd so I like to experiment.

    You are WAY WAY WAY too light and extremely young for STEROID usage. Superdrol is an orally active STEROID, not a pro-hormone.

    You are going to absolutely wreck yourself if you do your cycle as planned. You absolutely MUST stay away from steroids or ANY hormone altering substance until you're 21+... Please listen to us!

    You will regret messing with your hormonal system for the rest of your life if you do your cycle.

    This isn't one of those "We're bigger and older than you, so we know better" kind of threads... We are genuinely looking out for your safety and well-being.

    Take it from someone who will have to go on hormone replacement therapy, enjoy every second of your naturally high testosterone levels... I WISH my test levels were anywhere near where yours are right now...

  7. actually if you take it at those high doses in doubt you will make any gains and during pct youll lose the little you gain. If you 145 your obviously not eating right or training right. At 18 if you are 18 at that age if doing those things right you could add 15 lbs naturally by christmas. If you cant make natural gains how do you think youll keep them after the drugs are gone?

  8. Listen to these guys, if you do this cycle, it will be a ticket to be fkd up, trust me, 30 mgs to start is silly, you should already know that... damn, id give you extensive advice, but realy, your plan is worthless and could be harmful.

  9. dont do it. your being a F**KTARD, sorry kid grow some more and age a lot more, 26+

  10. 30mg is probably way too high.


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