m1t before workout, once or twice daily???

  1. m1t before workout, once or twice daily???

    I'm not sure when to take the m1t I just got
    from nutra planet. Should I split my dose up
    throughout the day, or just take it all at once.
    I plan on taking 20 mg/ per day. Also does it
    really matter what time of day I take it. I was
    thinking about 1 hour before workout, but not
    sure if it even matters.


  2. It doesn't really matter. I've always taken it all at once. 20mg's is a high dose, especialy if this is your first time using it. Are you stacking it with anything? My suggestion would be to take it prior to bed, and to add in a 4AD dermal. This may help with lethargy.

  3. Yeah, I'm with Cuffs. Try a smaller dose since it appears to be your first cycle with it. I'm on my first m1t cycle right now (10 days in) and I'm getting great results with only 10mg a day. I'm stacking with 333mg ed 4ad transdermal. Some do well on only 5mg, but I chose 10 because I'm a fairly large person (6'1" 244lbs when I started - 257.5lbs this morning ). I feel that I'm extremely fortunate though. I'm one of the few who are able to get good results without any of the debilitating sides.
    No lethargy - I actually feel great on this stuff, better that normal. I have more energy during the day and have an overall sense of well-being on this. I get winded quicker during workouts, but that's easily managed.
    No cramping - Not one damn cramp yet, and no back pain. I'm not even supplementing to prevent it. I purchased some potassium, taurine, etc. just in case, but haven't had to use it yet. Pumps are great though. Pumps are so good and sustained that I actually have to use a long handled brush in the shower to reach places I am normally able to reach by hand. I guess this part kind of sucks, but it's also a pretty cool problem to have.
    Blood pressure - increased slightly, but not too bad. I'll ocassionally go into borderline hypertensive range, but just doing it ocassionally over a couple of weeks is bearable to me.
    Libido - higher than normal, maybe from the 4ad? Plus, constant night wood. This is sometimes a problem because I'm drinking tons of water and wake up a few times a night to piss. Wood & pissing (plus being sleepy and in the dark) sometimes leads to some inacurate delivery.
    No anything else - No bad sides at all for me. I actually feel great. If the gains weren't coming so quick, I would think it wasn't m1t in the bottle.

    So anyway, maybe start with a smaller dose, and don't worry about when you take it. If lethargy is a problem for you, then take at night like Cuffs suggests. Plus, consider stacking with 4ad. I think this maybe what's helping make my cycle so successful (the no sides part, anyway). Oh, and I preloaded the 4ad for about 10 days prior to starting the m1t. Again, I feel this is part of what's making my cycle so side-free. I hope I didn't just jinx myself by talking about how good I feel. I'll propbably start getting my ass kicked tomorrow.


  4. If I add the 4ad dermal, how many mgs' per day would you suggest. The
    last stack I did I used 4ad at about 250 mg per day, so would I need to
    increase it. It has been about 2 months since that stack too by the way,
    and just to be specific it was 4 weeks long of 1test/4ad at 250mg each per

  5. Don't look for m1t to provide any sort of pre-workout boost, it's just not like that. I feel tired within an hour of taking it, so I take it in the morning with caffeine or before bed. I would avoid taking it right before training. I believe the half-life is less than 24 hours, so I've always split the dose. 250mg 4ad transdermally is plenty to stack with m1t, I see no reason to increase it.

    diamond dave is in the minority when it comes to m1t sides. Like most others, I find the cramps & lethargy to be pretty bad, & i feel like total **** for the first 5-7 days every time.

    If you've been off cycle for 2 months, does that incluse your last pct? If you mean only 4-5 weeks since ending PCT, you should wait at least a few more weeks. No way you're recovered that fast & m1t is more harsh on the HPTA than almost anything. I wait 12 weeks between cycles involving m1t.

  6. I took 5mg my 1st cycle, 10mg my 2nd, and 5 mg my 3rd. I always took it in the morning, which is when I worked out. After about a week in my second cycle I split the 10mg into 5 mg in the morning and then the rest right after getting home from work. All that at once in the morning was killing me at work. From what others were speculating at that time, the half-life is somewhere between 8 to 12 hours. I'm not sure if anyone knows that for sure yet. You really ought to reconsider that high of a dose your first cycle. I actually gained better on 5mg than at 10mg. Plus the sides were a world of difference.

  7. I am only going to do 10mg per day and see how that goes. I probably won't
    jump up to 20mg at all after reading these posts.



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