ANAVAR ?? First time anabolic user. Serious enquiry

  1. ANAVAR ?? First time anabolic user. Serious enquiry

    Short and sweet

    70mgs daily x6-8weeks followed by a pct
    I'm 230lbs 6'2
    Muay thai Fighter
    Out of shape
    I'm about to spend 3 months in a wooded training camp
    Training will consist of
    Shadow boxing
    Pad work
    Chin ups
    Kettle bells
    Free weights
    Lots of core
    Rope climbing

    Never have used anabolics before
    I have a temper and i react before I think.
    If this drug can assist on overall strength, energy, and minor gains I would be more then happy
    I like the idea that side effects are low as I would like to gauge the emotional and physical responses that I will endure.

    5-6 thousand calories daily. Clean

    8 hrs daily along with naps

    Is it something worth doing?

  2. Note I will be using supplements
    Protein powder ect
    Nothing drastic

  3. get in shape, then use steroids

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