First cycle suggestions

  1. First cycle suggestions

    Forgive me if this thread is a little ignorant, but some suggestions please.

    Im looking for a ph/ds that is:

    a) low to medium on liver toxicity
    b) doesnt make my hair fall out (my bro is younger and balder than me but im in the risky 30s when mine could go!)
    c) final results Id like are for size/looks more than power
    d) a good first ph

    I see so many people running allsorts without much fear and getting good results.

    Im going to have to give up alcohol too, so the shorter the cycle the better! (m1T used to be 2 weeks didnt it?? I know I know, it was a dirty bird)

  2. Try a halo run by itself to get those feet meets all of your needs that you had mentioned. Its usually a 6 week run can do without the booze

  3. Cool. Reason Im asking is I seem to be going round and round and round on the fourms, websites etc. I settle on one thing, then someone goes "dont bother with that sh*t, you'll need to tripple dose it and run it for 20 weeks for ANY gains"... then im back to square one (feeling deflated reaching for a change of creatine or something 'normal')

  4. whats the chemical name of Halo, as its being cloned to buggery on google searches and muscletech even brought out a halo with no prohormones in!

  5. Mod edit: no way
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    Pin the kittens with the tren, then attack the judges with the kittens, uppity bastards



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