BM Pharm Testopin

  1. BM Pharm Testopin

    OUCH this stuff hurts. I know this is common, but just wondering why test prop shots hurt so much. Amp says its only 2% BA. Can you take that as a good sign its legit?

  2. prop can hurt for a number of reasons.. 1 being that it recrystalizes because it comes out of solution.. but the crystals are so small you can't see them.. the next thing that comes to mind would be high ba content to keep number 1 from happening..

  3. prop has a lousy partition coefficient meaning that it is neather very water or oil soluble. There for not only does it not stay stable in oil without solvents very well but water as well. sence it has to go into water for the body to process it this just increases the likelihood that it is going to crystalize in your ass. Believe it or not acetate would probably be easier to deal with

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