Dropping dosage towards end of cycle thoughts..

  1. Dropping dosage towards end of cycle thoughts..

    So I'm just kind of bouncing ideas around in my head:

    I'm on 4.5 of a 6 weeker of hdrol: 75/100/100/100...
    That will put me at 45 days (180 caps / 3 bottles).

    It will be just enough for a little over 6 weeks.

    Just want to bounce the idea off ya'll about possibly:

    1) dropping the dose for few days back to 75mg to actually extend the cycle a few days to wrap things up on a weekend as opposed to mid week.

    2) Second thought being, I do a lot of outdoor work, sometimes hauling lumber, sometimes shoveling a couple tons of gravel, sometimes just using power tools and such...
    I'm thinking the weekend would be a good idea to stop to get a few days of at least low natty test going before jumping into the grind again...
    ...Then I'm thinking that perhaps doing this labor might help somehow jump start things like hormone spikes after a workout lol.

    I know these are VERY trivial things and any of these ideas probably won't make a noticeable difference but you know; toilet thinking atm lol

    Side note: I was running a cut pretty mnuch; lost 10lbs so fat (about 2 lbs a weeks after initial 4.5 first week) so I don't have any "new" muscle to hold onto that I know about- just usual strength increases I'd presume.
    I didn't do much cardio, but the 1 year unemployment / burbon weight falls off pretty quickly apparently when you get off your ass.

    I've rambeled long enough... any thoughts?

  2. No real need to taper the dosage down on the halo, though for an extra three days I can't see it making any difference at all other than just extending the cycle.

    I wouldn't put too much effort/worry into what day of the week your cycle will end, as long as your PCT is in line it shouldn't make THAT much of a difference with energy for the first few days.

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