Transdermals and the sun

  1. Transdermals and the sun

    I am beginning another stack this coming March, the first. That will take me to the beginning of April which will leave April and May off (cause you all said 4 weeks on 4 off, 4 weeks on 8 off, repeat) well the next phase will be June 1st ...

    my question is will the sun have any effect whether it be negative or positive on my skin and the PH's? Also would the same apply for tanning?


  2. i am curious about this too because i plan on being at spring break.. and im afraid of an alergic reaction..

  3. The tanning lotion will impede the absorbtion of the gel. If I am correct, as I believe Curt said, wait about 4 hours after application to apply sunscreen/lotion.

  4. you think this stuff would wash off in the pool?

  5. Some may experience increased sensitivity to direct sunlight while using lotions. The quick fix to this is apply to areas that will not be exposed to direct sunlight (such as inside of thighs, etc.)




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