1-T for cut cycle?

  1. 1-T for cut cycle?

    I'm going to do about a 6 week cut cycle in a couple of weeks. I've used M5AA with excellent results once before but I don't want to stay on that for 6 weeks. I've never used 1-T.

    Two Questions:

    1. What's the general opinion on using 1-T transdermal for cutting?

    2. I know 6 weeks isn't too long for this hormone but I was wondering if using it transdermally might take to long to get into my system and might allow for muscle loss in the first few weeks?

    Any other substances that might help me keep all my hard earned muscle when dieting?

  2. 1. It surely works also for cutting, however you might want to add some 4-AD to keep the 1-t lethargy under control, 1-t alone is sort of pain in the ass for some people. By the way 6 weeks are a reasonable period of time to stay on 1-t since it is quite potent and supressive..
    2. the transdermal delivery is way better than the oral for the base hormones so the 1-t will be in your system faster than you think - I don't think you'll lose any muscle while on 1-t (given you eat and train properly)
    other substances - enough protein and/or any strong anabolic

  3. 1T transdermal is the way to go, Im gonna run a cycle of 1T+4AD but Im mixing Big1 with 4AD. My cylces gonne be 300mg 1T + 200mg 4AD which I think should be enough to avoid the Lethargy and appetite suppression and It might slightly have some of its own anabolic effect since its a 200mg dose/day Ill just have to wait and see.

    What kind were you thinking of ?

  4. the 4ad helps with 1-t sides but might bloat you some. what about 4oht?

  5. Well, I've got some Legal Gear 1-T/4AD mix but I really don't want to use it since it's got a bloat factor. Then again, I don't need lethargy, I forgot about that. I'll probably just go with the M5AA. I also have some MOHN but I'd hate to take a chance with that and end up loosing some muscle.

  6. well, the lethargy issue is not quite clear for me - i never felt it on 15 m1t (Underground Labs) for 3 weeks, and I felt it once on big1 which does not make any sence for me but, however, me thinks that not everyone suffers from lethargy - i would give the 1-test a try if i were you.

  7. 1T, 4AD, M5AA, and 4OHT... I'd throw them all in. Hell of a stack, but not really a traditional cutter. I used 1T with M4OHN to cut and it was very good. Your 1T with a liitle 4AD + M5AA sounds pretty nice. Get some letro on there if it bloats you. 1T and 4AD always get me, but perhaps with the M5AA you'll be fine. Good luck.


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