if u ran a 16week cycle could u break for only 8 weeks

  1. if u ran a 18week cycle could u break for only 8 weeks

    than run a 16 week cycle than after that just take a break for a year i know u still would be shut down after the 8 week break but would it be enough to make recovery alittle better at the end i know time on = time off but with my job and and a few things comeing up it would really suck to be taking a hit on strength. i dont care if im shut down hard at the end i just dont want to mess my self up long term.
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  2. Sure you could do it. I'm 99 percent sure most people would recover. I'm not going to say for sure that nothing bad will happen because I'm sure their is always a chance. I'll just say it wouldn't worry me to do that. Also I have known people to run close to a year and come off and have a full recovery.

  3. yea i thought it would be ok i was just checking to see if it was a strict no

  4. I would use HCG during both "on" parts of the cycle for sure... Even then I don't really reccomend this.

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  5. the only way you will know for sure is with bloodwork

  6. Quote Originally Posted by SureShot
    the only way you will know for sure is with bloodwork
    Amen to that.


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