6 Week Epistane Log!

  1. Lightbulb 6 Week Epistane Log!

    Hey all, this is my first post on AM. I decided to do a log because it seems like a great way to track my progress, get feedback and hopefully help others wanting to try something similar. It also seems a lot more fun and interactive than tracking my progress down on paper each week that I would probably lose anyway... it's pretty hard to lose the internet, though, so here it goes!

    Training history & bio:
    Age: 22
    Training history: Approx 6 yrs.
    Height: 5'7"
    BF: approx 12%-14%
    PH history: Oxodrol (not really a ph, I know) at age 18 & Epistane 4 week cycle about 1.25 years ago at age 21.

    The Plan:
    I have done, what I feel to be, very thorough research on this particular product and have compiled a cycle that seems to be synonymous with the most successful Epistane Logs I have read. Before I actually do the cycle I would like to cut down to around 10% BF as to only focus on gaining muscle/maintaining BF rather than trying to cut at all with this product. I should be at said goal within the month, and have premeditated this log a bit to make any final tweaks to my plan if the need should arise. I have 2 bottles of Epistane intend to run it 6 weeks and PCT with Fareston (toremifene). The scematics of said plan will look as such:

    3 days prior to cycle AI Cycle Support- 2 scoops/day
    Week 1- (day 1) 10mg, (day 2) 20mg, (day 3-7) 30mg
    Week 2- 40mg/day
    Week 3- 40mg/day
    Week 4- 40mg/day
    Week 5- 40mg/day
    Week 6- 40mg/day

    Support Supps on Cycle:
    Anabolic Innovations Cycle support: 1-2 scoops/day
    Sesamin: 1g/day
    Taurine: 2-3g/day
    Potassium: 3-4 bananas/day
    Cissus Quadrangularis: 2g/day
    Standard workout supps: Protein, BCAAs, Multi, etc.

    Week 1- 120 mg for 4 days then 90 mg (Toremifene Citrate)
    Week 2- 90 mg (Toremifene Citrate)
    Week 3- 60 mg (Toremifene Citrate)
    Week 4- 30 mg (Toremifene Citrate)

    PCT Support Supps:

    ThermoLife Ebol- 6 caps/day
    Designer Supplements Lean Extreme- 6 caps/day
    NOW detox/regen- 3 caps/day
    Standard workout supps: Protein, BCAAs, Multi, etc.

    I will be trying to go for at least 3000-4000 cals/day & 200g protien which shouldn't be hard because I already eat like a pig and last time Epi increased my appetite significantly. I will do my best to keep it lean and I am already a pretty clean eater as it is. (almost never eat junk/fast food) I will have some Pre-Cycle pictures on the way as soon as my BF goal is met and I am ready to go. Any comments, advice, critique or feedback are welcome and appreciated. Thanks and cheers!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Zergy View Post
    I will be trying to go for at least 3000-4000 cals/day & 200g protien which shouldn't be hard because I already eat like a pig
    200 grams of protein is a little low in my opinion.

    At 202 lbs, 303 grams of protein a day would be 1.5x your body weight. I would suggest aiming for that, especially since you will be using an anabolic. Some people will suggest as much as 2x your body weight but there is some debate over going that high.

    Good Luck on your cycle!

  3. Looks pretty solid, definitely wish ya a good run, definitely make sure your diet is in line to get the gains your looking for. That will probably be the most important thing you can do besides training like an animal while on your cycle.

  4. Run it high. 60mg feels like god. don't drink and no problems what so ever. I ran 6 wks HIGH dose epi and had very few sides. Get a SARM for PCT, too. S4 works great.

  5. Thanks for the quick replies and support. I will shoot for more protein, 300g seems like a lot to get consistantly but ill try to make sure I get at least 40-60g at each of my 6-7 meals. I will possibly go up to 50mg+ depending on how I feel at 40, I just put 40 because that seems to be the sweet spot for many people. And I already invested $60.00 and did extensive research on Fareston, so I will just stick with that this time. I have heard of SARMs and S4 but know virtually nothing about it, but I'll look into it for next time. I am getting my BF measured this weekend and am down to 198 lb! I am getting pretty stoked to start this thing.

  6. Just read that I posted this thread in the wrong section- reposting in Cycle Info


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