how to take 1-test oral

  1. how to take 1-test oral

    i tried to mix it with oil and drinking but it was hell what is a way to take it so it doesnt burn i try trans but i start iching like a mad man where i put it

  2. dont take it oral.....dude, that seriously must have hurt.

    make a transdermal.

    if you cant take trans either, then maybe you are not cut out for 1-test.

  3. you could cap it

  4. where would i buy caps at and is it hard or takes long

  5. i've never capped anything my self but i have some powders sitting at home and i am going to cap them eventually

  6. Wanna cap em,

    Can even make gelcaps.

  7. Molecular nutrition make some 1-T ethergels, and also estergels now. If you're considering an oral delivery of your 1-Test, those could be good choices, although I've never done them myself. If anyone has done them and has feedback it'd be much appreciated. Otherwise I've only ever heard of people using Trans, and cyp delivery methods.

  8. The bioavailiablity is **** if you go oral. Yeah molecular has some studies but they were BS, they were bypassing some of the digestive system, etc.


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