Test e only cycle first time

  1. Test e only cycle first time

    This is my first post, I joined this website to gain knowledge and help with my upcoming and future cycles so please no criticism for my lack of knowledge unless it's constructive. I am 5'10 200 pounds even with about 15% BF. 23 years old and just finished my college football career so now I am looking into experimenting with some anabolics. I am thinking for this first cycle I'm going to make it six weeks of test e only with about 1/2 cc three times a week. Any info I can get to make my cycle more effective along with PCT suggestions will be very much appreciated. My diet will be very good while I am on and finish this cycle. I hope to keep the most out of my gains that I can. Any help is appreciated thanks guys.

  2. 6 weeks is not enough, do atleast 8 weeks and ideally 10-12 weeks. Also pin 1cc two times per week (monday and thursday).

  3. I wouldnt go no less then 10 weeks for a first time test e cycle, Id run it 500mg each weed. 250mg on monday and 250mg on thursday. Continue this rhythm for the remaining of your cycle, what are you looking to get out of the cycle as well ? And what Pct do you plan on running ? Also what support supps ?

  4. Thanks guys. I'm looking to just put on some solid muscle anywhere from 10-20 pounds and I think I would be happy. For PCT I was thinking just nolva but I have also heard arguments and counterarguments saying I should use clomid instead, and even saw some mentions of armidex or hcg. I want to have my PCT's on hand before I start this cycle and just want to be straight on what to get

  5. As for support supps I am not really sure since it is injectible I have done a couple of pro-hormone cycles in the past using just liver armor for support on the cycle

  6. I would still run some cycle support no matter what, since it's test alone your liver isn't going to be stressed too much. I would do 12wks min for test e, it takes a while to work and needs to build in your system before the gains will show up

  7. What kind of cycle support would you recommend?

  8. run 12.5 mgs of aromasin ed with your cycle also. look into running some hcg also.

    do pct like this..and start it 2 weeks after last test injection

    100/100/50/50 Clomid

    25mg/25mg/12.5mg/12.5mg Aromasin

    3g Vit C every day split in 3 doses

    10g creatine daily

  9. Is the Vitamin C to help block cortisol? What kind of creatine do you recommend? I usually use SizeOn by Gaspari, but wanna give something else a try. Sorry if I highjacked the thread.

  10. no reason .....solid reply!!!! That is pretty much my first cycle to the T. As for the original post 6 weeks is really a waste!!!! You really need to be in the 10-12 week range. Also being your first I would get yourself a oral kick-start for the first 4 weeks. I once made the mistake of doing too little for too short of time. I wont do that again.
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by Bubba21 View Post
    Is the Vitamin C to help block cortisol? What kind of creatine do you recommend? I usually use SizeOn by Gaspari, but wanna give something else a try. Sorry if I highjacked the thread.

    vitamin c is for cortisol control..its cheap and it works..as for creatine buy some good micronized creatine not that cheap **** they sell at walmart..i can just imagine the waste that is in that cheap stuff.


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