2nd Cycle Critiques.

  1. Red face 2nd Cycle Critiques.

    This will be my second 10 week cycle.

    1st cycle history: 10week @ 500mg test E per week, mon, thurs injections.
    Ran HCG 2 week in at 500iu every 5 days. and nolva at 40/40/20/20 for pct.
    My recover was not as fast as i would have liked and I believe it has to do with only using nolva for pct. I put on 15lbs and kept all 15.

    Upcoming 2nd cycle (this one needs the critique)

    Test E 500mg/wk 1-10 (may or may not frontload)
    Tbol 40mg/day 1-4
    Aromasin 12.5mg EoD 1-10
    HCG 250iu/ 2xwk 2-10
    Live52 1-5

    pct includes:
    Clomid 50/50/50/50
    Nolva 20/20/20/20

    Caloric intake: ~3700 calories. This will be a bulking cycle. I chose Tbol over dbol since i did not want to deal with the initial bloat and desire more high quality muscle gains (rather than a lot of h2o weight i will drop when i stop the dbol)

    Thoughts? Thanks for the advice.

  2. le bump.

  3. Looks like a solid cycle. I wouldn't use aromasin until it is needed. Tbol doesn't aromatize so you shouldn't need sin from week one. I've heard Tbol takes about 3 wks to kick in and is usually ran for 5-6 wks. But other than that it seems like you've done your homework. Goodluck

  4. Thanks for the response, The AI isnt for the orals, It is for the Test E. Last cycle i had moon face and I'd like to avoid that if possible. Does anyone think that the low dose aromasin, 12.5mg EoD, would harm my gains?

  5. i saved ur cycle thanxs for the hard work..thumbs up..are you gonna do a body part a day..or 2body spilt top twice a week bottom twice a week

  6. Add creatine to PCT and maybe some DAA,

  7. A body part a day. 4 exercises with 3 sets of 5-8 until failure. Rest on weekends.
    Chest, Back, Shoulders, Legs, Arms.

    Again, arosmain thoughts ?

  8. - IMHO in this type of cycle HCG is unnecessary - isn't a very nice drug so it's use should be limited to cycles that meet specific criteria.

    - Your cycle generally looks solid, so congrats for doing some research - it's kind of refresing change.

    Let me point some things out:
    - Aromasin has 24-26 hours of half life so it's use should be ED not EOD + use it an extra 2 weeks after the last injection(the 2 week gap between last injection and start of PCT).

    - PCT is pretty solid - but run 1st week Clomid at 100mg and taper it ou ending 4th week at 25mg ED + Nolva in the 4th week taper it out at 10mg ED.

    - No need for Test frontload, dose T-bol at 40-60mg and you can even run it for 6 weeks without any significant issues - for an 17aa oral steroid it's impact both on liver & lipids is generally considered low.

    P.S. When an aromatizable compound is administered AI is highly recommended - the base IMO of every cycle should be Testosterone = so AI with every cycle.
    All information provided by me is for research & entertainment purposes only.
    REP ME !!!

  9. Thanks for the solid replies.

  10. Yaz seems spot on! I highly agree with his thoughts on Tbol. And yes aromasin should be used Ed where as adex is usually used eod.


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