Helladrol Cycle Log

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  1. Helladrol Cycle Log

    Started this morning. Joined new gym, so no more freshman frat boys in my way..

    Gonna do 50mg/ed for first week and access how I feel. The plan looks like 50/50/75/75/100/100.. but things are subject to change like always..

    Running 5 pumps of dermacrine, 2 scoops cycle support and 10+g's of fish oil daily along with with the helladrol..

    I have torem, forma-stanzolol, and reduce xt on hand for pct. I want to add: hcgenerate, OSTAsarms mk2866 and unleashed/pct..

    Starting mass: 177
    Starting height: 5'11" (lol)
    Goal mass: 190
    Goal height: 6'0" (lol)

    I will try to update this log periodically with mass numbers and pics every two weeks or so. I am gonna do a standard push, rest/cardio (lots of mountain biking), pull, rest, legs/mountain biking, rest, etc...
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  2. First post reserved for after pics!!!

    Gonna kill it bros!!!!!!!!

  3. Will be following, plan to run a hdrol cycle myself soon as university is out. Good luck brother

  4. Day 2

    I can already feel hardening of muscles, increased stamina in gym/mountain biking, increased vascularity and increased strength... day 2, gentlemen, day 2.

    I forgot how much I missed using dermacrine. I love hopping out of the shower, drying off, and putting the stuff on.

    Quick workout summary... did push this morning super early. Was able to dominate chest flys till I literally got bored. My main focus on push is going to be flat dumbbell bench press, which I was able to do 80lb 5x5 yesterday, and am going to use that as a base line for strength gain on my push movements over the course of the cycle.

    For back I want my baseline to be single arm dumbbell pulls - will report what I can do on that tomorrow. I think I pulled 75-80lb 5x5 a few days ago, so we'll see.

    For legs its gonna be the hack squat or smith machine squat - no smith machine comments, gentlemen. My back and lean body just aren't made to load up with 315ish on squat and 405ish on deads - two PR's on those lifts. I will train lower body primarily with a bicycle, moutain biking around Austin to be more specific.

    Looking into getting the S4 and OstaSARM combo. Thoughts? Found a few pennies in my couch and wanna use them for good use. Can either of these bee run along side with the helladrol? Save for PCT? 12.5mg seems to be the number people are seeing results from. Thoughts, people, thoughts?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by EArch View Post
    Will be following, plan to run a hdrol cycle myself soon as university is out. Good luck brother
    Day 2 still - loving it so far. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    Oh yeah, I ordered S4 and mk2866... Now, how to fit them into this cycle?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Sklander View Post
    Day 2 still - loving it so far. Thanks for the words of encouragement.

    Oh yeah, I ordered S4 and mk2866... Now, how to fit them into this cycle?
    I would start MK-2866 last week of cycle and front load at 25mg, then run 12.5mg through PCT and a couple weeks after for a total of 6 weeks, bridge into S4 last week or 2 of Osta and run that another 6 weeks or so at 50-75mg.

    That's what I'm doing anyways.
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  7. Rick: Not that you haven't ever steered me in the wrong direction, but can you show me why you're choosing those doses with those compounds at those times? It seems as this is the ultimate biochemical equation to create a monsterous beast of muscle. Can't. Wait.

    Other opinions or ideas for the cycle? Improvements? Etc.? Is it normal to be able to FEEL the helladrol at day 3. My muscles feel so full and hard already.

  8. Yup. With most orals, esp SD I feel muscle hardness and have that full look in a few days.

  9. Day 3 - feeling awesome. No sides so far except a little shoulder acne I keep picking at. Took a "rest" day as I had to ride my bike back and forth from campus several times today - a leg workout the way I ride.

    I have a few more pics of me relaxed as well as some flexed back shots (impressed myself when I saw them... never seen my back before... its strong )

    Continuing to run Helladrol 50mg/ed with 5 pumps dermacrine + fish oil + cycle assist. Appetite is through the roof along with overall muscle hardness. Eating clean and intelligently - I won't list my meal to meals, but they involve: a lot of fresh spinach, fresh fruit, peanut butter/almond butter/some kind of good butter, salmon, whole chickens, ny strip steak (only once a week at most), sweet potato, eggs, brown rice, wheat bread and avocados. I drink water, milk sometimes (esp. with oats) and orange juice. I pretty much don't venture away from consuming a TON of all of the above listed. It really is true that you can stay on the perimeters of a grocery store and get everything you need. I eat a fat bowl of oatmeal every morning.

    Here are the pics:

    Really looking to develop my "breast plate" or I guess one could call it the upper chest. I want that squared off look up there. Suggestions?
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  10. Lol, my photos make me laugh.

  11. S4 and osta will be here soon. Been reading that S4 compliments a cycle nicely... what do y'all think? Then run osta in pct? Opinions?

  12. Day 5 - feeling great. No sides. No lethargy. Insane energy in gym. Jumping to 75mg for a few weeks. Taking fish oil, cycle support, 140mg CoQ10 and 5 pumps dermacrine daily.

    I have some REDUCE XT... where does this fit? The S4 and OSTA should be here soon, also... been reading that S4 is great on cycle... thoughts?

  13. Day 6 - 181 +6lbs

    Rest day, but couldn't help but doing "jump outs" of a 5ft pool just bc I could explode out. Feeling awesome overall, though. Tomorrow is PULL and I can't WEIGHT! Yesterday was a creek workout - really getting into bouldering and climbing, so it will be interesting to see what kind of weird muscles start to pop out from doing this new activity. All I know is I have a T O N of energy.

    Thoughts on running S4 along with the hella?

  14. hey screech, no one cares how ripped your ass is, funny ****, anyway sd gains are hard to keep so good luck

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Sklander View Post
    S4 and osta will be here soon. Been reading that S4 compliments a cycle nicely... what do y'all think? Then run osta in pct? Opinions?
    Definitely Osta for PCT. S4 is supposed to be mildly suppressive so you don't want to use it in PCT
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by heckler7 View Post
    hey screech, no one cares how ripped your ass is, funny ****, anyway sd gains are hard to keep so good luck
    Thanks for your positive comment. I'm running helladrol... not superdrol. This is an anabolic/bodybuilding forum. If you can't handle a little bit of a guys ass hanging out of his shorts then move on. Constructive criticisms or eat a fat ****. Thanks.

    So, save the S4 and OSTA for after PCT... cool. Thanks

    Will keep y'all updated.

  17. Day 11 - 181 +6lbs

    Just got the package of OSTA and S4. I am on day 11 of 42 of a hella cycle. Things are going great!

    I am running the hella 50/75/75/100/100/100 and want to know the best time to start the OSTA as I want to run it for 8 wks during PCT. Should I start dosing last week of hella? Is SERM protocol (using Torem) the same if I am using OSTA as well? I have torem, and a bottle of UNLEASHED along with the OSTA for PCT. Thoughts? I have FORMA and was thinking the mild AI function of 5-7 sprays a day would be appropriate to combat any possible estrodiol effects of the OSTA. Thoughts?
  18. 12 days in - PICS

    Day 12 - +5lbs

    Sitting at 180. Just got done playing some golf during my two day rest. Feeling great. After about 10 sets of various chest lifts I was able to get 90lb DB's for 1x4, so strength is up. Muscle hardness, vascularity, fullness, and definition are all up. A little fat has been lost and I am overall quite pleased with how things are going thus far. Great compound... I've kept it at 75mg and am really only feeling lethargy as far as sides go. I am thinking of bumping to 100mg in week three bc sides are minimal, imo.

    I got my SARMs in - bottle of S4 and bottle of MK2866 - In addition to running torem, how should I dose the SARM? I want to run MK2866 and am thinking of starting the dose the last 7 days of the cycle, giving a little time to for the MK2866 to build up, as I've read it takes a bit. Does this seem like a good plan? It is safe to run the SERM and SARM with each other? Would anyone run S4 over MK2866? If so, why? Is FORMAstanzolol a sufficient AI for MK2866?
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  19. Lethargy noticeable today, but pushed through it. Got some good rest and am gonna start back heavy tomorrow night.

    As of now, I am going with RR's outline of the SARMs.

    Starting mk2866 last week of hella and running through PCT... PCT will be torem, bottle unleashed, bottle hcgenerate (if i can get it), mk2866 and formastanzolol... Will most likely bridge this into the s4... pure madness, gentlemen.

    Is forma sufficient AI where I am using it?

  20. nice progress

  21. Quote Originally Posted by heckler7 View Post
    nice progress
    Thank you, sir. Will keep bringing the photos as things progress even more. Gonna be a long log with mk2866 and s4 being added on the back end of PCT.

    Any other opinions about dosing with osta?

  22. Great pics bro...no homo. Not sure if I mentioned it but keep your Osta dose at 25mg last week of cycle and then move to 12.5mg first or second week of PCT...
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by RickRock13 View Post
    Great pics bro...no homo. Not sure if I mentioned it but keep your Osta dose at 25mg last week of cycle and then move to 12.5mg first or second week of PCT...
    Thanks. Yeah, I am gonna run it like you outlined it up top. Are you going to run the S4 after osta or save it for another time? Is it cool to run forma + SERM + SARM ?
  24. 12 days - after/before pics

    A few more side by side after/before images.

    AFTER image on LEFT

    BEFORE image on RIGHT

    Pretty happy with that progress in under two weeks... only four more to go
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  25. Really helps with those befores in there to see just how good this has been to you and that is incredible progress for a couple weeks bro. Lats look wider and traps/Delts have good development. All that and you look much leaner too!! Good job

    S4 will be run right after Osta for me. Ill bridge into it probably next week
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  26. Thanks for the compliments, bro!!! My thoughts exactly!!!

    I didn't see such drastic differences until I took the time to do befores and afters right next to one another. Gonna do this again in a week to see how we're looking.

    Cool. I'll attack the S4 issue when it gets here... thats a LONG way off... Prob. run it the same as you, though.

  27. Great pics man! seems like great results already and its day 12

  28. Day 19 - 184!!! +7lbs... Been eating like a HORSE, but clean.

    Lethargy has been a bitch - only for really early classes, though. I've missed a few 8am labs bc I just can't get up... or don't give a **** to... The hdrol has made it's presence well known... Just under half way through the cycle and am LOVING the gains I'm getting.

    Cycle has gone: 50/75/100 so far... plan to finish out at 100. It seems to be the magical number for this lab rat. If gains plateau after week 5, I will consider running last week at 125mg... straight into OStA. BEAST mode is being achieved.

    Here is a vid of me doing wide pull ups with 10lbs on my ankles... just did a crossfit style workout in my apt today. Let me know what y'all think!!!

    Is SERM dosing protocol (using torem) the same if I am going to run the OSTA along with PCT? was thinking standard torem taper 140day1, 100 day2,3 , 70 rest of week 1, then 70/50/35... as needed. Was gonna do last week of hdrol at 100 + OSTA at 25 then drop OSTA to 12.5 for 6-7weeks. Thoughts?


    In my opinion, hdrol gives me more power and endurance in the gym vs epi and I'm about to be done with week 3. Just my thoughts...
    Last edited by Sklander; 04-19-2011 at 11:45 PM. Reason: Needed more info.

  29. Day 22 - 184 still at +7lbs

    Feeling good. Lethargy has been fading as I've become accustom to the 100mg of hdrol. I can eat anything I want (and I am) and still not put on too much fat. I am making sure I do a straight bulk bc I want to shed it off during PCT with forma/OSTA (can't wait).

    Got 90lb dumb bells 2x5 last chest day after I destroyed my chest on slow, light, high rep incline bench. Feeling beastly and only half through.

    No sides except for the lethargy previously. Loving the compound.

  30. Everything looks to be going great in here bro! Cycle is going good and weight is moving in right direction. Keep killing to the end man!!
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  31. looks like you are getting some nice results..Hella is a great compound.

  32. Day... 33 - 182lbs

    Feeling no sides. All lifts are up. Endurance is up. Eating EVERYTHING in sight, and still am not putting on weight, so upping to 150mg for awhile to see how it feels. No back pumps, no calf pumps, no lethargy (experienced some at 75mg), no acne, no gyno. Knock on wood, but looking for a little more bulk. I really wanna break the 190lb threshold in the last two weeks of this cycle.

    Gonna start OSTA at 25mg ED starting next week.

    I got a deep tissue sports massage today and the massage guy asked me, "Damn, I hope you don't pay for cable TV..." and I said "um, what?" and he says "your hamstrings, bro, you could hook your tv up to those things... straight cables in your legs, bro!" Nice compliment! LOL

    I have been feeling kinda plateaued for the last week - school has ramped up quite a bit, but strength is THROUGH THE ROOF. The volume I can do in the gym is just astounding.

    The pics attached are left: 12 april and right: 2 may, so about two more weeks of progress. Let me know what y'all think.

    Safe to run the SERM and SARM at the same time? Regular dosing for torem in PCT? Gonna run some Reduce XT in PCT also. I have OSTA, torem, Unleashed, reduce xt, and forma for PCT. Any other suggestions are welcome.
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  33. Nice pics! Can see some great progress there!

    There is no problem running you SERM with a Sarm. That's exactly what I did in PCT..
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    "This is what we've been working on"

  34. Day 38 (i think? who cares, last week of hdrol) - 182lbs, just got off scale at gym.

    Today was the best pump I have EVER felt in the gym. YouTube - Arnold is coming - that status...

    I started OSTA at 25mg this morning on an empty stomach. It tastes like rubber cement and numbed my mouth. Love this game. Running hdrol at 150mg/ed for one more week then into full PCT: torem, unleashed, forma, reduce xt, OSTA...

    I did chest and arms in a packed-ass gym just now, and set a PR for flat dumbbell press at 85# for 5x5. Really really ****ing happy with strength gains at this point. Striations in shoulders are nuts when pumped. My shoulders felt like my biceps when I pump them. Not sure if the OSTA is kickin' in that fast, or the highass dose of hdrol is just doing me right, but today was AWESOME in the gym. The volume I can do is astounding in the amount of time I do it.

    One more week of hdrol at 150mg. Still no sides other than a slightly more oily face (no acne on face or back or shoulders). This could be due to the fact that it is just getting hotter than piss here in Texas again. I sweat more than usual in the gym (prob OSTA) but was loving every second. I'm drinking at least a gallon of water a day... tough when you're pissing every 15 minutes... and doing 5 pumps dermacrine till the cycle ends.

    Day on day off is how I have been hitting gym and its been doing me good... the extra rest is really helping my shoulder and back... I'd say they are totally good to go, but I'm being a bit cautious because of the huge volume and weight I am doing in the gym.

    Really really happy with how this cycle has gone. Hdrol is mild compared to epi when dosed low, but 150mg hdrol > 60mg epi. Just my opinion. Hdrol is allowing a bit more fat gain, but who gives a ****... the osta/forma combo in PCT should take care of that...

    Any suggestions or comments welcome. I am going to try and get a pic in a few days when I do a home workout and I'm all pumped up. Safe lifting to y'all meatheads out there. KILL IT SON!

  35. I see no need or any gain in upping hella past 125mg. I really like it at that dose but notice no difference from 125 to 150. U just end up taking one more people a day. Ive ran it 3 times too.

    In any case great progress bro, keep it up. At day 38 you dont have too many days of ON cycle, but with the SARM's your PCT should still be really fun.
  36. quick update with pics

    183lbs - 150mg hdrol/ed, OSTA 25mg/ed, dermacrine 5 pumps/ed

    The cycle ends on Friday. Did a two a day in the gym... heavy back in the morning with a little bi/tri supersets at the end. Studied my ass off then went back to rip up biceps and lower back with extensions. Loving the OSTA - definitely noticing more sweating in the gym, and i'm always able to convince myself... one more set...

    Pics are one week difference and I think my rhomboids are definitely bigger... I don't know, I feel huge and my lifts are just slammin. I feel like I'm noticing OSTA wettin' these joints up real nice... continuing fish oil at 10g/ed, but have noticed some ease on my shoulder (slap tear not too long ago, but totally good) when doing over head stuff... and def on pulling huge weight with my back...

    Support supps are on point and looking forward to seeing what this OSTA has to offer in a very well planned PCT. Gonna do:

    140mg day 1
    100mg day 2-3
    70mg day 4-21
    35mg day 22-28

    unleashed, osta at 25mg/ed, reduce xt 3 tabs/ed, forma 10 pumps split am/pm... possibly going to integrate S4 in if things are going well... who knows at this point?

    Anyway, I'm baked out and tired as hell. Let me know what y'all think of the pics and my outline for PCT. Suggestions welcome, as always.
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  37. nice progress! very easily seen from 1st to mid to last... really leaned out at the end!

  38. Thanks, bro!

    Definitely looking to keep the lean look with the OSTA. Cycle ends Friday. Saturday I will start PCT... torem, forma, unleashed, OSTA, reduce xt...

    Feeling good!

  39. Quote Originally Posted by Sklander View Post
    Thanks, bro!

    Definitely looking to keep the lean look with the OSTA. Cycle ends Friday. Saturday I will start PCT... torem, forma, unleashed, OSTA, reduce xt...

    Feeling good!
    Kill it in PCT bro...as long as you! do that and keep your diet on point, you should have no problem because you have a good one lined up!!

    BTW...nice progress made on cycle
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  40. nice work man, you can tell the muscle gain from one wk.

    If you still want to continue on with gains I would pick up a bottle of S4. That way you ll be able to bridge from the Osta on to it. RickRock will prolly comment on how well it will work


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